’s 2004 Staff Prediction Evaluation

By Keith Glab

   With the 2004 season complete and the accolades awarded, its time for us at to re-examine
our pre-season prognostications.  Overall, it wasn’t our best cumulative Nostradomus impersonation, but we did have a
few gems between the three of us.  What follows is a detailed look at the highlights and lowlights of our picks.  Enjoy!
                                                               Keith                        Scott                        Asher
Total Games Off:                                           286                           282                           319
Games Off Per Team:                                    9.5                            9.4                           10.6
# of Teams in Correct Place:                         9                               6                               6
                                                        Yankees (101-61)        Mets (71-91)
                                                           Marlins (83-79)        Marlins (83-79)
                                                                                         Angels (92-70)
# of Records within 5 Wins:                          15                             13                              7
# of Correct Playoff Teams:                      4AL, 1NL                  1AL, 0NL                   3AL, 1NL
Best Team Pick:                                      Twins (91-71)           Rangers (75-87)        Cardinals 96-66
                                                     Winning the Central        Not Horrendous     Winning the Central
Worst Team Pick:                                 Rangers (61-101)       Mariners (93-69)    Diamondbacks 88-74
                                                            Last in West              
Winning it all!         Winning the West
                                                          (28 Games off)          
(30 Games off)            37 Games off)
                                                            Bonds OBP                Bonds OBP                Bonds OBP        
                                                            Vlad MVP                   Suzuki Hits                 Bonds SLG
                                                            Oswalt Wins               Rivera Saves             Bonds BB
                                                            Bay ROY                    Ramirez SLG             Vlad MVP
                                                                                              Crawford SB              Crawford SB
                                                                                              Buehrle IP                  Crawford 3B
                                                                                                                                Pierre Hits
Worst Leader Pick:                                 Willie Harris AL SB      Delgado AL OBP       Colon AL CG
Most Impressive Leader Pick:              David Ortiz AL SLG    Posednik 39 RBI's     Nomo NL HR
                                                        He missed it by 10 pts     
Exactly Right!!!        19 HR in 89 IP
Best Comeback Pick:                            Scott & Keith: Jon Lieber
Other Nice Comeback Picks:               Asher: Paul Konerko  Keith: Randy Johnson
Best Surprise Pick:                               NONE
Most Disappointing Player:                  Scott: Rafael Palmiero & Scott Posednik
Best Overall Pick:                                  Keith: 2004 will be to 3B as 1993 was to C

Were your 2004 picks any better?  Prove it to us at