Asher's Quiz Number One


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Alright, we'll start with a couple of easy ones:


1. How many members of the 700 Home Run Club are there?Name them.

2. How many members of the 600 Home Run Club are there?Name Them.

Feeling good? Okay, let's move it up a notch:


3. How many members of the 500 Home Run Club are there? Name Them.

4. How many members of the 400 Home Run Club are there? Name Them.


This next one if more of a "Did You Know," but a valid question nonetheless:

5. There are four players who are within 4 home runs of 400. Name the members of the "Outside Looking In Club."


Depending on how you did with your Career Home Run questions, this next one may be a breeze:


6. How many times in Major League history has a player joined the 50 Home Run Club?Name the players and how many times each achieved the feat.


But this one may be a bit tougher:


7. The exclusive 49 Home Run Club is made up of players who came within one home run of 50 for a season. How many players are in the club, and who are they?


These next few are random shots. Props if you know the answers; they're kinda tough:


8. How many players have hit 50 Doubles and 50 HRs in the same season? Names?


9. Name the member of the 50 home run club with the lowest second highest single season home run total of his career. Who's second?


10. . There are four players in the 30 Home Runs plus 30 Ground into Double Plays club. Who are they, and in what season did they accomplish the feat?


11. Six players to have led their league in RBIs three years in a row. If you somehow manage to guess all six,in what seasons did they do it?


- HINT: You know three of them. You don't know the other three.


Bonus: I have come up with 8 players to hit 30 or more Home Runs and strike out 39 or fewer times (a 30-30 club if you will). Those 8 players did it a total of 16 times. See if you can name them, and if you can come up with some that I missed.


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