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Keith Glab
A native of Chicago, Keith lived in Pittsburgh and the DC area before arriving in New Orleans in the Winter of 2003. Once Vance Law moved to the North Side of Chicago, so too did Keith's allegences switch from White Sox to Cubs. Keith graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2001, attending classes mere yards from where Bill Mazeroski's home run cleared the fence to win the 1960 World Series. Keith adores Gary Gaetti, Rickey Henderson, and any Major Leaguer with 'Sv' at the start of his name.

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Scott Glab
Also a native of Chicago, Scott is Keith's older brother. Yes, he really exists. Scott moved to New Orleans in 1995 to attend Tulane University, and would still be there were it not for a certain hurricane that sent him back to Chicago. Scott is also a lifelong Cubs devotee and thinks Gabby Hartnett is the greatest thing since stitched baseballs. Clad with hair, he bears a striking resemblance to LaMarr Hoyt, though Keith thinks his bellybutton mimics Kevin Mitchell's.

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Asher B. Chancey
A native of New Orleans, Asher is a lifelong devotee of the Cubs and Saints, and has known suffering. When Asher met Scott at Tulane in 1997, he couldn't stand him, and the two became fast friends. A Cubs fan as a result of the availability of WGN in New Orleans, and a stepfather from Chicago, Asher is an Andre Dawson fanatic who once drove to Chicago with his wife and brothers to hear Andre sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame in Wrigley, gets teary-eyed when asked to recall seeing Andre hit a home run in person in the Astrodome, and secretly tried to name his daughter Hawk Chancey.

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'An examination of baseball's evolution through the century . . . because baseball is a work in progress.'
- from George F. Will's introduction in Bunts
'Baseball wasn't created; it evolved gradually from several different games.'
- from Cooperstown: Baseball's Hall of Famers