A Few Things June 25, 2005

By Asher B. Chancey


Ozzie Guillen


Not sure who it was, but whoever was calling the Cubs-White Sox game today said that the White Sox never quit, and then said that it was reflective of their manager, Ozzie Guillen, who as a player "never knew how to quit."


This of course begs the question, "never knew how to quit what?"


Never quit not getting on base, with his career .287 OBP?


Never quit getting caught stealing, with his 169/277 stolen base percentage?


Never quit getting not scoring runs, having never scored more than the 71 runs he scored as a rookie?


And, Guillen retired at the age of 36. At least he knew to quit then.


Billy Beane


Dear Billy Beane,


Jason Kendall


Love Asher


Matt Clement


Hey, remember when the Cubs had starting pitching up the wazoo, and so they let Matt Clement go because they had Wood, Prior, Maddux, Zambrano, and Rusch? Well, as we approach the All-Star break, Wood and Prior have been hurt most of the year, Zambrano has been inconsistent, Maddux has been healthy, but has an ERA in the high fours, and Rusch has been quite solid, though he spent April in the bullpen.


Meanwhile, as of today, Matt Clement is 9-1 with 82 strikeouts in 102 innings, and has a 3.33 ERA. I'm actually happy that Clement is finally coming into his own, and I thought it was a good move by the Cubs at the time. Still sucks though.


The Mets Rotation


Is it too early to talk about how great Pedro has been, but how terrible the rest of the staff has been?


As of today, Pedro is 7-2 with a 2.76 ERA, has a 114/18 K/BB ratio, and opponents are hitting .172 against him.


The rest of the guys?


Zambrano 3-6, 4.06 ERA, 46/41 K/BB, .251 OBA

Benson 6-2, 3.90 ERA, 35/14 K/BB, .244 OBA

Ishii 1-6, 5.40 ERA, 34/26 K/BB, .253 OBA

Glavine 4-7, 5.06 ERA, 42/34 K/BB, .323 OBA


Okay, so Benson isn't that bad, but Glavine and Ishii are down right deplorable.


But wait, there is one stat I forgot to include:


Pedro: $10.875 million

Zambrano: $2.1 million

Benson: $5.33 million

Ishii: $2.581 million

Glavine: $10.765 million


Quite a rotation those Mets have put together, eh?


Vinny Castilla


One question would Tony Batista be doing better?


Not sure.


Morgan Ensberg and Cliff Floyd


I have not said nearly enough about either of these guys, and for good reason. I drafted Carlos Beltran first in my fantasy draft, and he has not done a thing for me. One stolen base. Are you kidding me?


Secondly, I hate the Astros, so I hate Morgan Ensberg, despite the fact that he is a former Zephyr.


Nevertheless, credit must be given where credit is due. These are two guys I had given up for dead, and they have been fantastic.


Going into today, Floyd had already matched his 113 game home run total from last year, and his 108 game total from two years ago, and then he hit two more today to raise his total to 20. He will soon be exceeding his run and RBI totals from last year, and his SLG is up 72 points. Still not taking walks, but he has been very productive.


Morgan Ensberg has been a different player this year. His OPS has gone up 170 points from .742 to .912, he already has 7 more home runs than he had all of last year.


Unfortunately, their teams are not taking advantage of their performances.


Richie Sexson


Would someone please explain to me how it is that someone that plays on a team with a slumping Ichiro, and disasters in Bret Boone and Adrian Beltre, can hit .244 and be as productive as Sexson has? His RBI and Run totals have been amazing this season considering how bad he is at actually hitting the ball, and given how bad the people around him are playing. Go figure.


Adam Dunn


On the heels of my pointing out that he was on pace for a terrible HR/RBI ratio, Adam Dunn managed to crank out two solo home runs on June 22. Even more impressively, or unimpressively, there have only been 5 games this season in which the Dunner had RBIs without having a home run! And, he has officially dipped below the 2.0 level, now with 20 home runs and 39 RBI.