The Curse of the Bambino Lives On

By Asher B. Chancey, Baseball Evolution


We have all heard the story. The Red Sox sell the Babe, the Babe goes to the Yankees. The Yankees become the greatest sports team ever, and the Red Sox never win again, hexed by the Curse of the Bambino. All that seemed over when the Red Sox won the World Series this past October, ending their 85 year title drought.


Well, it would seem now that the Red Sox merely ended their Curse of the Bambino. However, another player seems to have managed to get himself foiled the Curse of the Bambino. Which player, you may ask yourself? Iíll give you a hint:


As a left-handed hitter, I wiped him out. Thatís it. And in the baseball world, Babe Ruth is everything, right? I got his slugging percentage and Iíll take his home runs and thatís it. Donít talk about him no more.


Thatís right Ė that quote is from none other than Barry Bonds at the 2003 All Star Game. Apparently, Barry was ready to dismiss Ruth since Barry had broken his single season slugging record and was on path to break his career home run total. Well, it may have been too soon for Barry to order people to ďdonít talk about him no more.Ē In fact, there should be a lot of talking about the Babe right about now.


Bonds, of course, entered the 2005 season ready to surpass the Babeís total of 714 homeruns, the record for a lefthander and second most all time; he needs only 11 to do it. With the way Bonds has made cream of wheat out of the ball over the last five years, this could easily have been done in April alone. But then came surgery. Then complications. Then more surgery. Then more complications. And now comes this report:


The rehab of Giants slugger Barry Bonds took another step backwards on Wednesday when it was revealed that he is attached to an I.V. full of antibiotics 24 hours a day, according to ESPN's Jayson Stark. Bonds is not rehabbing at all right now because of a potentially serious post-operative infection that Stark is reporting has him essentially immobilized for the foreseeable future. He is under the care of Dr. Robert Armstrong, an infectious disease specialist, and will not be allowed to start his rehab again until the doctor is confident the infection is totally eradicated. If he is immobilized for a while, there is a concern that he will need much longer than the normal four-to-six week recovery period to come back.


Hooked up to an IV? Are you kidding? Bonds needs 11 homeruns, and now it looks like he may not even be able to walk!


Right when Bonds was at the inevitable point where Ruthís 714 homeruns were all but a passing image in Bondsí rearview mirror, some strange force has come over Bonds and rendered his once mighty body frail and useless. Bonds shot off his mouth when he was at his peak, and now that he is so close, could it be that the Bambino himself has stepped in and will prevent Bonds from getting number 714?


Nah, that would be crazy. That Curse stuff is baloney.


Just ask the Red Sox.