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Dave Kingman

2010 Winner
2009 Winner
2008 Winner
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Alex Gonzalez of the Marlins

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Mark Redman

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- 2009 Coverage -

Kevin Maas
A funny thing happened last season. After several seasons of thinking about it, we finally decided to create an award to honor Kevin Maas’ place in the annals of baseball history. Kevin Maas, as our generation will remember, looked like the next Lou Gehrig for one summer in 1990 before making baseball fans around the country feel stupid for having bought the hype.

Well, no sooner than we'd created the Kevin Maas Award, it was pointed out that this was actually two great awards: an award for a rookie who we would be stupid to expect to see a duplicate performance from, and an award for a player whose performance was so out of character with the rest of his career that we would be stupid to expect him to duplicate it.

And so it was, the Kevin Maas Award gave birth to the Brady Anderson Award.

The Legend
Each year we honor the player “doing the least with the most” with the annual Dave Kingman Award. Usually, the sine qua non of the Dave Kingman Award is the combination of the high homerun total and the low on-base percentage; we generally look for something in the 25/.280 range. Some years Kingman candidates are plentiful, and some years they are few, but every year we find a player that uniquely contributes to his team in such a vain, self-centered way that he is unquestionably fulfilling Kingman’s legacy.

2009 NL Cy Young Award Analysis
There is no shortage of deserving candidates for the 2009 NL Cy Young Award. But according to Richard, the pitcher who has been the very best in the senior circuit is none other than San Francisco’s wunderkind, Tim Lincecum. Again.

January 28, 2010 - Mark Redman Follow-Up - Baseball Evolution first unveiled the Mark Redman Award in 2006, meaning that we have some follow-up data for half a dozen Redman winners. We know who the 2009 winners are, but what does that mean for their 2010 campaigns and beyond? The answer may not be quite what you expect, although it still isn't good news for Edwin Jackson and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Linear Saves 2009
Mariano Rivera Impresses, Fernando Rodney Surprises, and Brad Lidge Astounds.

- 2008 Coverage -
Slim Pickins', But Still Goodies
We may not have as many worthy candidates this year, but the Kingman Award goes to a very worthy player.

Evaluating Managers
Should success, overachievement, or intangibles should factor most into consideration for our Manager of the Year Awards?

Another Gold Glove Gaffe
What were voters thinking when they awarded Nate McLouth a Gold Glove?

2008 NL Cy Young Award Analysis
Rich chooses Tim Lincecum among five qualified candidates.

- 2007 Coverage -
Can a SP Win an MVP?
Ever since the advent of the five-man rotation, starting pitchers haven't been considered for MVP Awards.

NL Cy Young Candidates
Jake Peavy appears to be the obvious choice for NL Cy Young, but what happens when we consider his home park compared to Brandon Webb's?

NL Rookie of the Year Candidates
These prospects each have hidden weaknesses.

MVP Analysis
Since A-Rod is the no-brainer choice for AL MVP, we examine the AL's Second Most Valuable Player, as well as the myriad of MVP choices over in the senior circuit.

Asher ponders Whether Jimmy Rollins should win the NL MVP.

Gold Glove Analysis: Keith | Asher
Many good picks this year, but there are still several that neeed to be questioned.

The Josh Towers Award
The Toronto Blue Jays have put a lot of unwarranted faith in Josh Towers since his 8-1 2003 season. In 2006, for example, the Jays continued to run him out despite his ERA that never dipped below 6.75. Toronto went 3-12 in his appearances, changing them from a team with a .571 winning percentage to one with a .537 W%, and single-handedly dropping them out of postseason contention. The Josh Towers Award therefore goes to the pitcher who does the most to keep his team out of the playoffs.

In 2007, The Milwaukee Brewers won the first seven games started by southpaw Chris Capuano. No one could have predicted that C-Cap would appear in 22 more games and that the Brew Crew would win none of them. Overall, Milwaukee had a .571 winning percentage in the games that they did not use Capuano, which would have easily led the entire National League. Instead, they missed the playoffs with a .512 mark.

- Previous Coverage -

Most Valuable Player

Tony's 2006 - AL MVP Analysis

2006 - MVP Consistency

2006 - Defending Jeter?

2005 - Boneheaded AL MVP Griping

2005 - Unconventional AL MVP Picks

2005 - NL LVP

Cy Young

2006 NL Cy Young Preview

2006 NL Cy Young Review

2005 - Irony of Bartolo Colon

2005 - Poor Cy Young Picks

Rookie of the Year

2006 - Richard's Rankings

2004 AL ROY Pick

2004 NL ROY Pick

The Class of '39

Top 10 Classes

Top 10 Busts

Managers of the Year

2006 - Bashing Girardi and Leyland

2005 - Keith's Take on the Managers

Bad Players Make Good Managers

Gold Gloves: AL - NL

2005 - Defending the Picks

2005 - Bashing the Picks

Asher's Gold Glove Frustration

Fireman of the Year

Linear Saves 2008

Linear Saves 1969-2007

2006 - The "Old Aches and Pains" Award
Luke Appling gained a reputation for playing through injuries by hitting .318 despite persistent knee and back problems. In 1937, Appling managed to play in more than half of his team's games and hit over .300 despite nursing a broken leg!

His 2006 counterpart would have to be Brad Radke, who started 28 games and finished with an ERA better than the league average while pitching through a stress fracture in his right shoulder socket and a partially torn labrum. He also went 12-9 and finished with the 6th best BB/9 in the AL.

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