Asher’s Reply to Keith’s Silly Comments About Asher’s Silly Comments

By Asher B. Chancey,


10. Gil Hodges – no biggie here; the three of us discovered together that Hodges was not up to snuff, though Keith was certainly more sure of it.


His comment here does reflect, however, Keith’s over dependance on OPS+ as a tell all stat. If you want to debunk Hodges, OPS+ is certainly a good starting point, but there is more to say. Gosh, I sure do hope another chance to point out Keith’s over-dependance on this stat comes up . . .


9. Gil McDougald – yeah, Scott busted my heinie on this one. He didn’t suck. Mind you, I had he and Willie Mays as one of the all time great rookie of the year classes, so I don’t see the real issue, but what can I say. Silly!


8. Dwight Smith – Ah, only two spots later, a fine example of Keith’s ridiculous dependance on OPS+! Keith points out that Dwight Smith, in 1993, “tore up the NL at .300/.358/.494.”  Now, I sense that Keith was being sarcastic in this comment, and props for that, but does Keith really think that those stats over the course of 310 at-bats amount to “tearing up the NL?” Now who’s being silly?


7. Ellis Burks – yes, I was purely taking a jab at Burks for being awesome with the Rockies in 1996, after being pretty not good for several years before.


Still, I gotta wonder – should we really get all excited because Burks had career high OPS+ in consecutive years with the Giants while getting less than 400 at-bats in those years.  Don’t get me wrong – good seasons, but less impressive given their brevity.


6. Leaving Coors – Jeff Cirillo, Dante Bichette, Vinny Castilla, Jay Payton, Jeffrey Hammonds


Let me rephrase – any mediocre player-fool who would leave the Rockies deserves what he gets.


5. Batista vs. Castilla – Batista plays every day. Castilla does not. Batista produces more runs . . . no, Castilla’s better. Mea culpa – you just can’t dress Tony Batista up.


4. Playing under Protest – Come on – it’s a cliché. It’s what whiney children do when they don’t get their way. I had no idea it something you could actually do. Is there a Federal Rules of Playing Under Protest which spells out the proper procedure for it?


3. Don Sutton and Tom Glavine – we are saying the same thing – my point here was that, while I don’t think Glavine necessarily makes it, if Don Sutton is in, Glavine has to be in.


2. LoDuca and Kendall

a. I said last year LoDuca’s slugging was higher than Kendall’s. It was, by 31 points

b. I said Kendall produced fewer runs that LoDuca last year. He did.


What’s the issue?


I said nothing untrue. Kendall is a declining player who is only marginally better than Paul LoDuca, who I don’t think is that good either, and I think Billy Beane is way overspending for a player of Kendall’s caliber.


Not to mention the fact that it appears that Kendall gets on base quite a bit via the HBP, which I think Keith and I both frown upon.


1. Great American BallPark – third worst hitters park, but much higher in terms of home runs. No, you’re right, I blew it on that one.


None the less, the Milton signing was still a terrible one