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August, 2007 - Are the Yankees Dead or Alive? -

With the advent of the Baseball Evolution Fan Forum, we have kind of neglected this Heated Debates section of our website. That isn't the case today. Asher's denouncement of all things Yankees in his Week 18 Power Rankings set off Tony, who has been biting his tongue for far too long, and has decided to strike back.

The discussion centers around whether or not the Yankees are now a playoff calibur team after posting a .727 winning percentage in their past 33 contests. Have an opinion on the matter? Let us know in the aforementioned Baseball Evolution Fan Forum.

September, 2006 - Done with Dunn? -

Is anyone else as unimpressed with Adam Dunn as Asher is? Besides the ability to draw walks and hit homers, Asher doesn't see anything to like in the Reds' giant.

Keith, on the other hand, believes that anyone who doesn't realize that Adam Dunn is a fantastic player is a Dunnce.

Asher, having initially been unimpressed by Adam Dunn, took another look at the Dunner after Keith's analysis, and did an about face. As a result, he crafted the following letter to Reds fans.

July 2006 - Ken Singleton versus Jim Rice -

Asher praises Keith for deftly leaving Jim Rice off of his Top 200 list. Against his better judgement, Keith responds.

June 2006 - All Star Selections -

Stop Perpetuating All Star Voting Errors
Keith thinks that Richard probably shouldn't have started casting stones at All Star voters if he wasn't going to be objective himself.

All Star Pick Defense
Richard has more to say about his All Star selections after Keith questions them.

April 2006 - Derek Lowe - Amidst many agreements in their predictions, Keith and Asher differ greatly in their expectations for Derek Lowe, and Scott thinks that they're both grasping at straws:

Keith: High on Lowe
Asher: Lowe on Lowe
Scott: Mr. Lowe's Wild Ride

March 2006 - Barry Bonds - The suddenly public Game of Shadows book may incriminate Barry Bonds, but it doesn't really delve into the broader issue: How should this affect our evaluation of Bonds? After you read Keith's evaluation, read Asher's response. Keith and Karl continue the debate over on The Sports Farm, then Asher, Tony, and Keith explore the issue further. Finally, Keith provides a "What If" scenario for Bonds.

December 2005 - Should Cooperstown recognize the best defenders of all time? - Asher provides hope for fans of Gil Hodges and many other good but not great players by providing a list of ten Hall of Famers who lower the standard for entrance into Cooperstown. When Keith saw two of the players on the list, he saw bias going far beyond a double standard, and Asher explains himself.

The Cardinals Sign Sidney Ponson:Asher chastses the Cardinals for overrating Sidney Ponson, while Keith praises them for accomodating pitching coach Dave Duncan.

August 2005 - Active Players Headed for the Hall - Asher praises an article by's David Schoenfield about 40 active players who are likely headed for Cooperstown. After making a few ammendments to David's list, Keith puts in his 2 cents.

Home Run Pitchers
A debate between Keith and Asher about how home ballparks should influence free agent pitcher signings turns into a ramble concerning Eric Milton, Derek Lowe, and Rockie pitchers.

Silly Things
Keith notes the ten silliest things that Asher has written on in 2004, while Asher defends his statements.

In the spring of 2004, Asher and Keith ignited one of their most heated debates ever about steroid use and its impact on our rating of modern players. Recent events have rekindled interest in the debate . . . Over the summer, we debated with our friend and Astros fan Karl about whether Bonds would win the MVP again this year.

An oldie but a goodie.
Here's another from the summer as Karl and Tom bemoan the fate of Astros left off the All Star Roster, and Scott, Keith and Asher retort.

Tame by Comparison
This one's not so heated. Everyone thought the Freddy Garcia trade was a dumb move. Scott, Asher, Keith and Tom almost create a groundbreaking new system for analysing relief pitchers.

Thoughts? Comments? Something you would have said, or would like to say, with respect to one of our debates? Hit us at