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As a New Orleans native, Eric W. Freeman Jr. calls them out where he sees them. As a die hard Chicago Cubs fan, he has become intimately acquainted with the phrase, 'Maybe next year.' Eric shares his Baseball Evolution duties with Louisiana State University's The Daily Reveille as an opinion columnist, but is looking forward to covering baseball with the tenacity of a mob of meerkats.

Eric's Articles

Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers Running Diary
Eric chronicles a crucial game between the National League's two best teams and provides some trade deadline commentary along the way.

'08 CWS Running Diary: Fresno State vs. #8 Georgia
Eric regales us with news and notes from Game Three of the College World Series between underdog Fresno State and the favored Georgia.

2008 Chicago Cubs Preview
100 years, yeah-yeah. But actually, yeah-yeah!

When the Record Falls...
...Eric believes that nothing will tarnish the new home run record.

State of the Ivy Address
Eric uses the All-Star Break to give a status report on his favorite team.

Openning Day Diary
A hilarious romp through the first real games in over five months, viewed through the eyeglasses of a Cubs fan, of course.

2007 Chicago Cubs Preview
Eric vows not to make the same misdtake twice in this year's Cub forecast.

Radke, You Rascal!
To Eric, Brad Radke personifies his fantasy baseball failures.

Serious Bonds Reflection
Eric gets in on the Barry Bonds Royal Rumble.

2006 Chicago Cubs Preview
Cubs fanatic Eric Freeman Jr. analyzes the Northsiders with relish.

Who Am I?
Eric Freeman makes his BaseballEvolution debut.

Eric's Predictions:
2006 | 2007

Disagree with something? Got something to add? Wanna bring up something totally new? Eric W. Freeman Jr. lives in Baton Rouge, LA and can be reached at