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Gregory Pratt is a political science student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He covers current events for his blog, Office of the Independent Blogger, and is a copy editor as well as an opinion writer for the Chicago Flame newspaper. His great recreational interest is independent, self-inspired learning about literature, poetry, history, government, and baseball.

He welcomes dialogue about baseball, too, and can be reached at

Gregory's Articles

The Fifteen-Year Bloom
Should Pete Rose be re-instated into Major League Baseball, thus making him eligible for the Hall of Fame? Not quite yet...

Randy Johnson's 300th Win
The best time Gregory's ever had at a baseball stadium was in Washington D.C. at a Nationals game.

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Adventures in Baseball: New York and Philadelphia
Greg bites the bullet and svisits Yankee Stadium before it closes, plus sees Citizen's Bank Ballpark as a bonus.

A Conversation with Jack McDowell
Black Jack McDowell talks pitch counts, Cy Young Awards, and much, much more with our own Gregory Pratt.

Ranting About Managers
Asher's comment about Ozzie Guillen last August still reverberates through Gregory's head and spurs a stream-of-consciousness about various managers.

Living on the Black Book Review
Mike Mussina and Tom Glavine have been immortalized in a fine book.

2008 Houston Astros Preview
All offense and no pitching or defense make the Astros a longshot.

2008 Seattle Mariners Preview
They're done rebuilding; can what they've constructed stand up?

2008 Atlanta Braves Preview
In a stacked National League East, do these re-vamped Braves have what it takes to make the Playoffs?

On Friendship and Baseball
Gregory has found that baseball can bridge the gap between stragners and overcome preconceptions.

Ode to Roger Clemens
The Rocket has a Rosey-red glare after his denials following the Mitchell Report.

Pitching a New Game
The Rocket has a Rosey-red glare after his denials following the Mitchell Report.

In Favor of Recognition
Players who use performance enhancers should not be disqualified from the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Alex Rodriguez and Hank Steibrenner
Meet the new Steinbrenner, same as the old Steinbrenner. Meet Alex Rodriguez, half the man he could be.

There is no God
A reasonable response to the 2007 World Series.

Scott Boras and Voodoo Economics
Gregory has contempt for Scott Boras and any team dumb enough to buy into his A-Rod hype.

Letter to the Colorado Rockies
Dear Rockies, you rock.

Purple Mountain's Majesty
A poem lauding the Colorado Rockies.

Best and Worst General Managers
Really, more of an essay on the greatness of John Schuerholz with footnotes on a handful of other GMs.

Disagree with something? Got something to add? Wanna bring up something totally new? Gregory Royal Pratt lives in Chicago, IL and can be reached at