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Smoltz trade, Hall of Fame, Bagwell Conspiracy, and Wrigley Field
8/07: A pile of mail has been stacking up without our publishing it, and we correct the oversight..

Player Rankings: Christy Mathewson and Nap LaJoie
2/07: Keith defends his rankings of Christy Mathewson, Nap LaJoie, and the players around them..

Silver King, Fantasy Keepers, and the Hall of Fame
2/07: Keith receives questions and comments about the recent Hall of Fame voting, and gives some prospect advice for fantasy leagues as well..

Even More Moneyball Reactions
1/07: Rich has been getting some fan mail lately concerning (you'll never guess) Billy Beane.

Tim Lincecum
10/25/06: Richard isn't the only Giants fan who is high on Tim Lincecum.

Puttin' Down Passan
10/20/06: Looking back at Jeff Passan's crystal ball, we find that conventional wisdom has its drawbacks.

Cubs-Cardinals World Series Trivia?
10/20/06: What do the Cubs and Cardinals have in common when it comes to World Series success?

Where's Lolich?
10/9/06: How do Mickey Lolich and Jim Bunning stack up for the Hall of Fame?

Morgan Hates the A's
10/7/06: Why on Earth does Joe Morgan hate the Oakland Athletics?

More Moneyball Reactions
9/06: A reader looks at Billy Beane's drafting strategy from yet another angle.

Yankees Don't Make Playoffs?
09/06: Keith continues to recieve mail reminding him that his July prediction for the 2006 Yankees was way off base. Here are parts two and three.

Hall of Fame Catchers
8/06: Richard Jordan writes in to plug a few catchers that he feels were overlooked by the Baseball Evolution voting committee.

Richard on Hillenbrand
7/24/06: Richard thinks that Brian Sabean did well in acquiring Shea Hillenbrand.

Yankees Don't Make Playoffs?
7/06: Keith has gotten a bit of mail on his recent article in which he predicts that the Yankees will not make the playoffs. Here is a sampling.

Giambi a Juicer?
7/05/06: Gregory's back and accusing just Giambi and Pujols (and sometimes Thome) of continued HGH use.

Asher vs. Kalb
6/06: Elliott Kalb defends his list, but Asher is right there to pour on more criticism.

Mazzonnesbane, Maz, and More
6/21/06: We recieve queries regarding Dan Kolb's nickname and the Hall of Fame credentials of three players from the 60's and 70's.

More Feedback on Moneyball
6/3/06: Edward's interest in the game of baseball is rekindled through more discussion surrounding Beane's famous draft.

Ranking Active Pitchers
4/20/06: Todd shares his empirical ranking of Clemens, Maddux, and Pedro. See whether Keith's number-crunching supports Todd's analysis.

Thanks Be To Hollywood
4/17/06: Tyrell Godwin's high school coach asks about our nickname for T God.

Brock vs. the Rock
4/13/06: Matt is glad to see Lou Brock exposed, and wonders what the future may hold for Tim Raines.

Mo on Mo
4/7/06: Todd decries Peter Gammons' continued love affair with Mariano Rivera and relievers in general.

Hornsby vs. Wagner
4/1/06: Todd has long been a Honus supporter, and asks Keith his take on the issue. They wind up talking just as much about Batting Runs.

So Bagwell is on Roids. Thought So. What About Biggio and Berkman?
Daniel writes to ask Asher about further implications from the Bagwell Conspiracy.

Bagwell Eh? Got some proof?
An incredulous and skeptical Robert writes in to ask Asher for proof that Jeff Bagwell started the whole steroid scandal.

Bagwell is the Originator of the Steroids Controversy? Really?
The Slav writes to ask Asher if the Bagwell Conspiracy is real.

Rowand for Thome Was A Bad Trade? What Are You, A Cubs Fan?!?!?!?!?!?
Greg writes to take Asher to task for his silly predictions about the White Sox downfally.

Bill James Waxing Moralistic and Inconsistent? Right On!!!!!!!
George writes to praise us for our questioning of Bill James' methodology.

Joe DiMaggio Overrated? Are You Crazy?!?!?!?!
Tony writes to berate us for our rating of Joe DiMaggio as the most overrated Yankee of all time, which leads to an extended conversation about Joe D.

Bonds is a Big Fat Cheater, Right?
1/13/05: Meredith asks Asher about the implications of the steroids issue.

What Did Andy Pettitte Ever Do to You?!?!?!?!?!
12/11/03: Bryan asks Asher what his problem with Andy Pettitte is.

That Dude is Always Hurt, Right?
12/10/2003: Is Nomar a Hall of Famer?

Who the Hell Cares About All Those Saves, Anyway?
11/13/03: A Reflection on Perfection

Jack Schmack! Is This Guy Any Good?
10/7/03: Bryan expresses doubt about Jack McKeon as Marlins Manager

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