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The Have Glove Will Travel Team !
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Baseball Evolution embarked on a mission, not surprisingly, inspired by Dave Kingman, to determine which players had played for the most teams baseball history. It was initially decided that the "Have Glove Will Travel Team" would be composed of players who had played for seven or more teams. Well, as it turns out, seven is pretty much the cut off for the "Have Glove, Will Travel" team. Some pretty pedestrian guys managed to get up to seven teams (Kingman himself, Jose Canseco, Roberto Alomar). In fact, so many players got up to seven that we stopped keeping track of them, instead setting the minimum at eight. This list, by the way, is not exclusive, and is updated regularly.

So, without further ado, we present the Have Glove Will Travel Team:

In A League of Their Own - The Twelve Teamers
Mike Morgan 12 teams Athletics Yankees Blue Jays Mariners Orioles Dodgers Cubs(2) Cardinals Reds Twins RangersD'Backs
Ron Villone 12 teams Mariners (2) San Diego Braves Indians Reds Rockies Astros (2) PiratesMarlins Yankees Cardinals Nationals
Matt Stairs 12 teams Expos Red Sox Athletics Cubs Brewers Pirates Royals Rangers Tigers Blue JaysPhilliesPadres

Switching Teams With Zeile - The Eleven Teamers
Todd Zeile11 teams Cardinals Cubs Phillies Orioles Dodgers Marlins Rangers Mets (2) Rockies Yankees Expos
Royce Clayton 11 teams Giants Cardinals Rangers White Sox Braves Rockies D達acks Nationals Reds Blue JaysRed Sox
Kenny Lofton 11 teams Astros Indians (3) Braves White Sox Giants PiratesCubs Yankees PhilliesDodgers Rangers
Terry Mulholland 11 teams Giants (3) Phillies (2) Yankees Mariners Cubs (2) Braves Pirates Dodgers Indians Twins D'Backs
Rick White 11 teams Pirates (2) Devil Rays Mets Rockies Cardinals White Sox Astros (2) Indians Reds Phillies Mariners
Julian Tavarez 11 teams Indians Giants Rockies Marlins Cubs Pirates Cardinals Red SoxBrewersBravesNationals

The Elite - The Ten Teamers
Gus Weyhing 10 teams Brooklyn (PL) Athletics (AA) (2) Phillies Pirates Louisville (NL) Senators (NL) Cardinals Dodgers Indians Reds
Ken Brett 10 teams Red Sox Brewers Phillies Pirates Yankees White Sox Angels Twins Dodgers Royals
Alan Embree 10 teams Diamondbacks BravesRed Sox White Sox Indians Rockies Yankees A's Padres Giants
Roberto Hernandez 10 teams White Sox Giants Devil Rays Royals Braves Phillies Mets (2) Pirates IndiansDodgers
Kevin Jarvis 10 teams Reds Twins Tigers Athletics Rockies (2) San Diego Mariners Cardinals D達acks Red Sox
Dan Miceli 10 teams Pirates Tigers San Diego Marlins Rockies (3) Rangers Indians Yankees Astros Devil Rays
Paul Bako 10 teams Tigers Astros Marlins Braves Cubs Dodgers RoyalsOriolesRedsPhillies
Dennys Reyes 10 teams Dodgers Reds Rockies Rangers Pirates D達acks Royals Padres Twins Cardinals

Bobo's Bunch - The Nine Teamers
Trenidad Hubbard 9 teams Rockies Giants Indians Dodgers Braves Orioles Royals Padres Cubs
Jose Guillen 9 teams Pirates Devil RaysD'BacksRedsAthleticsAngels NationalsMarinersRoyals
Deron Johnson 9 teams Yankees Athletics Reds Braves (2) Phillies Athletics Red Sox White Sox Red Sox
Tito Francona 9 teams Orioles White Sox Tigers Indians Cardinals Phillies Braves Athletics Braves
George Brunet 9 teams Athletics Braves Colt .45s Orioles Angels Pilots Senators Pirates Cardinals
Jeff Fassero 9 teams Expos Mariners Rangers Red Sox Cubs Cardinals Rockies D達acks Giants
Rickey Henderson 9 teams Athletics (4) Yankees Blue Jays Padres (2) Anaheim Mets Mariners Red Sox Dodgers
Dave LaPoint 9 teams Braves Cardinals (2) Giants Tigers Padres White Sox Pirates Yankees Phillies
Mike Maddux 9 teams Phillies Dodgers (2) Padres Mets Pirates Red Sox Mariners Expos Astros
Dave Martinez 9 teams Cubs (2) Expos Reds Giants White Sox Devil Rays Rangers Blue Jays Braves
Kent Mercker 9 teams Braves (2) Orioles Indians Reds (3) Cardinals Red Sox Angels Rockies Cubs
Bobo Newsom 9 teams Cubs Browns(3) Senators(5) Red Sox Tigers Brooklyn (2) Athletics(2) Yankees Giants
Mike Myers 9 teams Marlins Tigers Braves Rockies D達acks Mariners Red Sox YankeesWhite Sox
Jesse Orosco 9 teams Mets Dodgers (2) Indians Braves Orioles Cardinals Padres Yankees Twins
Benito Santiago 9 teams Padres Marlins Reds (2) Phillies Blue Jays Chicago Giants Royals Pirates
Ruben Sierra 9 teams Rangers (3) Athletics Yankees (2) Tigers Reds Blue Jays White Sox Mariners Twins
Russ Springer 9 teams Diamondbacks BravesAngels Astros Yankees Phillies CardinalsRaysA's
Dave Weathers 9 teams Blue Jays Marlins (2) Yankees Indians Reds (2) Brewers (2) Cubs Mets Astros
David Wells 9 teams Blue Jays (2) Tigers Reds Orioles Yankees (2) White Sox Padres (2) Red Sox Dodgers
Hoyt Wilhelm 9 teams Giants Cardinals Indians Orioles White Sox Angels Braves (2) Cubs Dodgers
Tim Worrell 9 teams Padres Tigers Indians Athletics Orioles Cubs Giants (2) Phillies D達acks
Rudy Seanez 9 teams Indians Padres (4) Dodgers (2) Braves (2) Rangers Red Sox (2) Royals Marlins Phillies

Good But Not Good Enough - The Eight Teamers
Doyle Alexander 8 teams Dodgers Orioles Yankees Rangers Braves Giants Yankees Blue Jays Braves Tigers
Miguel Batista 8 teams D'Backs Cubs Marlins Royals Expos Pirates Mariners Blue Jays
Bobby Bonds 8 teams Giants Yankees Angels White Sox Rangers Indians Cardinals Cubs
Bobby Bonilla 8 teams White Sox Pirates Mets Orioles Marlins Dodgers Mets Braves Cardinals
Pat Borders 8 teams Blue Jays Royals Astros Cardinals Angels White Sox Indians Blue Jays Mariners Twins Mariners
Darnell Coles 8 teams Mariners Tigers Pirates Mariners Tigers Giants Reds Blue Jays Cardinals Rockies
Dave Collins 8 teams Angels Mariners Reds Yankees Blue Jays Athletics Tigers Reds Cardinals
Ed Farmer 8 teams Indians Tigers Phillies Orioles Braves Rangers White Sox Phillies Athletics
Julio Franco 8 teams Phillies Indians Rangers White Sox Indians Braves Devil Rays Braves Mets Braves
Ron Gant 8 teams Braves Reds Cardinals Phillies Anaheim Rockies Athletics Padres Athletics
Tom Gordon 8 teams Royals Red Sox Cubs Astros White Sox Yankees Phillies Diamondbacks
Rich Gossage 8 teams White Sox Pirates Yankees Padres Cubs Giants Yankees Athletics Mariners
Lenny Harris 8 teams Dodgers Reds (2) Rockies D達acks Mets (2) Braves Cubs Marlins
LaTroy Hawkins 8 teams Twins Cubs Giants Orioles Rockies Yankees Astros Brewers
Matt Herges 8 teams D達acks IndiansRockies Marlins Dodgers Expos Padres Giants
Mike Jackson 8 teams Phillies Mariners Giants Reds Mariners Indians Astros Twins White Sox
Stan Javier 8 teams Yankees Athletics Dodgers Phillies Angels Athletics Giants Astros Mariners
Todd Jones 8 teams Astros Tigers Twins Rockies Red Sox Reds Phillies Marlins Tigers
Jeff Juden 8 teams Astros Phillies Giants Expos Indians Braves Anaheim Yankees
Jorge Julio 8 teams D'Backs Braves Orioles Indians Rockies Marlins Brewers Mets
Darold Knowles 8 teams Orioles Phillies Senators Athletics Cubs Rangers Expos Cardinals
Jeff Manto 8 teams Indians Phillies Orioles Red Sox Mariners Red Sox Indians Tigers Indians Yankees Rockies
John Mabry 8 teams Cardinals Mariners Padres Cardinals Marlins Phillies Athletics Mariners Cardinals Cubs Rockies
Ron Mahay 8 teams Braves Red Sox Cubs Marlins Royals Twins A's Rangers
Deacon McGuire8 teams* Wolverines (2) Phillies (2) Senators Superbas Tigers (2) Highlanders Red Sox Naps
Orlando Mercado 8 teams Mariners Rangers Tigers Dodgers Athletics Twins Mets Expos
Jose Mesa 8 teams Orioles Indians Giants Mariners Phillies Pirates Rockies TigersPhillies
Kevin Mitchell 8 teams Mets Padres Giants Mariners Reds Red Sox Indians Athletics
Darren Oliver 8 teams Red Sox Rockies Marlins Astros Angels Mets Cardinals Rangers
Orlando Pena 8 teams Reds Athletics Tigers Indians Pirates Orioles Cardinals Angels
Gaylord Perry 8 teams Giants Indians Rangers Padres Rangers Yankees Braves Mariners Royals
Jack Quinn 8 teams Yankees Braves Orioles (FL) White Sox Yankees Red Sox Athletics Brooklyn Reds
Jamie Quirk 8 teams Royals Braves Royals Cardinals White Sox Indians Royals Yankees Athletics Orioles Athletics
Jerry Reuss 8 teams Cardinals Astros Pirates Dodgers Reds Angels White Sox Brewers Pirates
Reggie Sanders 8 teams Reds Padres Braves D達acks Giants Pirates Cardinals Royals
Lee Smith 8 teams Cubs Red Sox Cardinals Yankees Orioles Angels Reds Expos
Mike Torrez 8 teams Cardinals Expos Orioles Athletics Yankees Red Sox Mets Athletics
Luis Vizcaino 8 teams D'Backs Cubs Indians White Sox Rockies Brewers A'sYankees
Mark Whiten 9 teams Blue Jays Indians (2) Cardinals Red Sox Phillies Braves Mariners Yankees

Prominent Seven Teamers
Roberto Alomar 7 teams Padres Blue Jays Orioles Indians Mets White Sox D達acks White Sox
Jose Canseco 7 teams Athletics Rangers Red Sox Athletics Blue Jays Devil Rays Yankees White Sox
Waite Hoyt 7 teams Giants Red Sox Yankees Tigers Athletics Brooklyn Giants Pirates Brooklyn
Dave Kingman 7 teams Giants Mets Padres Angels Yankees Cubs Mets Athletics
Jeff Reardon 7 teams Mets Expos Twins Red Sox Braves Reds Yankees
Eddie Robinson 7 teams Indians Senators I White Sox Athletics Yankees Athletics Tigers Indians Orioles
Kelly Stinnett 7 teams Mets Brewers D達acks Reds Phillies Royals D達acks Yankees Mets

* - Deacon McGuire also played for four American Association squads
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