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Tenth Annual Fielding Bible Awards

Baseball Info Solutions' panel of a dozen experts have come up with their Tenth Annual Fielding Bible Awards ranking the best defender at every position across Major League Baseball. Kevin Kiermaier made things easy for the judges. Playing center field for the Tampa Bay Rays, Kiermaier established a new record for the most Defensive Runs Saved in one season by a single player ever recorded (42).

October 20, 2014- 2014 World Series Preview - Royals vs. Giants - An in-depth look at the first World Series between Wild Card teams since 2002 and the first World Series between sub-90 win squads ever in a full-length season. Richard makes his none-too-surprising prediction for this ostensibly evenly-matched series.

October 11, 2014- 2014 National League Championship Series Preview - Giants vs. Cardinals - The St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants have a rich history of facing each other in the postseason. No matter which team wins this NLCS showdown, it will be the fifth consecutive season in which one of these two teams has represented the Senior Circuit on baseballís ultimate stage.

Three of the greatest managers of all time join a 300-game winner, a 350-game winner, and one of the best right-handed hitters ever to form one of the greatest Hall of Fame classes of all-time in 2014.

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Ron Santo: Cubs Legend

Pat Hughes and Ron Santo were the Chicago Cubs' WGN Radio announcing team for 15 seasons. Their unique on-air chemistry became known as "the Pat and Ron Show" with fans tuning in as much for their eccentric banter as for Cubs baseball itself.

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