Keith Quiz #4:
Many star baseball players go by names other than their actual first names. In this quiz, we give you a player's actual birth name and surname initial, and you must provide the full name that the player normally goes by.

Example: Larry J = Chipper Jones


Spurgeon C = ____________________
Vernon G = _____________________(A better pitcher than Vernon shares this nickname)
Sanford K = _____________________
Elwin R = _______________________
Lynwood R = ______________________(Homophonic last name with Elwin's)
Clarence V = _____________________
Denton Y = _______________________

Position Players:

Dagoberto C = _____________________
Hazen C = ________________________
Rocco C = ________________________
Octavio F = ________________________
Leon G = _________________________(Rich G goes by the same name)
Candido M = ________________________
Atanasio P = ________________________(Octavio F goes by the same name)

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