Keith Quiz #2:
For 6 pts each:

Which four of the following Shortstops are NOT in the Hall of Fame?

A) Dave Bancroft B) Vern Stephens C) Pee Wee Reese D) Travis Jackson E) Rabbit Maranville F) Marty Marion G)
Luis Aparicio H) Alan Trammell I) Maury Wills

Which four of the following shortstops have NEVER won a Gold Glove award?

A) Zoilio Versalles B) Bert Campaneris C) Jim Fregosi D) Bucky Dent E) Alfredo Griffin F) Garry Templeton G) Jay Bell
 H) Alvaro Espinoza I) Neifi Perez

Which four of the following shortstops have career batting averages under .300?

A) Honus Wagner B) Cecil Travis C) Joe Cronin D) Lou Boudreau E) Travis Jackson F) Luke Sewell G) Luke Appling
H) Phil Rizzuto I) Robin Yount

Of the following 10 switch hitters, eight have hit homers from both sides of the plate in a single game as a shortstop.  
Circle the two that have not done so (3 pts each).

Bret Barberie                Howard Johnson                Tomas Perez                Roy Smalley
Kurt Stillwell                  Dale Sveum                        Jose Uribe                   Jose Valentin
UL Washington             Maury Wills

Name the one shortstop that has done so twice for 3 pts:__________________________

For 6 pts each, need to be within 2:

Number of times Ozzie Smith led the league in Fielding %:______

Number of times Cal Ripken hit more than 20 homers:________

Number of consecutive times Luis Aparicio led the AL in SB:______

Tiebreaker/Bonus (1pt): Number of homers the Roy Smalleys combined to hit:_______

Check your answers