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Top 100 Players Quiz

by Keith Glab,
June 30, 2007

With our 2007 Player Rankings coming out soon, Keith has been poring over a lot of stats.  In the process, he has compiled a quiz concerning many of the candidates for our lists, particularly among the Top 100 Players.  Enjoy!

1.  Which of the following players has the highest career slugging percentage?

A) Rogers Hornsby B) Stan Musial C) Mickey Mantle D) Sammy Sosa E) Hank Aaron

2.  Name an outfielder with more errors than assists for his outfield career.

A) Roberto Clemente B) Reggie Jackson C) Ted Williams D) Robin Yount E) Joe DiMaggio

3.   Which of the following lists depicts a correct ranking of career SB% from highest to lowest?

A) Larry Walker, Albert Belle, Gary Sheffield B) Jimmy Wynn, Tony Gwynn, Mike Schmidt C) Craig Biggio, Paul Molitor, Robin Yount D)  Roberto Alomar, Derek Jeter, Hank Aaron

4. Who among these pitchers has a road ERA under 3.00?

A) Tom Seaver B) Sandy Koufax C) Randy Johnson D) Roger Clemens E) Greg Maddux

5. Choose the shortstop with the most times having led his league in fielding percentage:

A) Joe Cronin B) Lou Boudreau C) Barry Larkin C) Luke Appling E) Honus Wagner

6. Which of the following pitchers has the lowest career Run Average (as opposed to Earned Run Average)?

A) Bob Gibson B) Jim Palmer C) Rube Waddell D) Roger Clemens E) Hoyt Wilhelm

7. Pick the player with the fewest double plays per plate appearance:

A) Rickey Henderson B) Tim Raines C) Reggie Jackson D) Eddie Mathews E) Willie Mays

8. Among these listed second basemen, which has the fewest Fielding Win Shares?

A) Ryne Sandberg B) Frankie Frisch C) Charlie Gehringer D) Nap Lajoie E) Joe Morgan

9. Which of the following players has appeared in the most games at catcher?

A)    Gabby Hartnett B) Bill Dickey C) Yogi Berra D) Johnny Bench E) Mike Piazza

10. Walter Johnson finished his career with 90 Wins Above Team while Cy Young finished with 99.7.  Who are the only other post-1900 pitchers to have over 65 WAT?

A) Christy Mathewson and Lefty Grove B) Warren Spahn and Steve Carlton C) Roger Clemens and Pete Alexander D) Greg Maddux and Tom Seaver E) Bob Feller and Carl Hubbell 

Check your answers


Frustrated? Got something to add? Wanna brag about your score? LEt us know your thoughts at the Fan Forum.

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