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Answer to Daily Trivia

(scroll to top for question) Player Nicknames

One of our favorite pastimes at is coming up with funny nicknames for baseball players. Don't ask us why, we just do it. Here is a collection of such names we've come up with over the years:

Antonio Alfonseca = "Antonio All-Fat Seca"

Edgardo Alfonzo = "2000"

Brad Ausmus = "Rad" or "Bossmus"

Don Baylor = "Big Dumb Baylor" or "Punching Bag Baylor"

Matt Belisle="Matt Be-lizzle, the Starting Pizzle, for the Cincinnati Rizzle"

Dave Borkowski="The Other White Meat"

Joe Borowski = "JoBo"

Ben Broussard= "Beaumont Ben Broussard"

Emil Brown = "Back-to-Back Brown"

Brian Bruney = "The Goonie"

Fausto Carmona = "C.C. Fausto"

Giovanni Carrera = "G-Ovanni C-Arrera"

Sean Casey ="Assistant GM"

Todd Coffey = "The Anti Lee Smith"

Ned Colletti = "Neddie Coletti"

Chris Davis = "Misery" (see Mark Reynolds)

Gookie Dawkins = "Traaaaviiis!"

Matt Diaz = "Walker Diaz"

L. Dinardo = "The Leader"

Gregg Dobbs = "Mistadobalina"

Jason Dubois = "J-Dub"

Adam Dunn = "The Dunner" or "Wallop"

Morgan Ensberg = "Morgan Bensberg"

Pedro Feliz = "The Secret Weapon"

Chone Figgins = "Cah-Honie"

Bartolome Fortunato = "The Avatar"

Cliff Floyd = "Glass Floyd"

Tyrell Godwin = "Thanks Be"

Curtis Granderson ="G.R. Anderson"

Khalil Greene = "Amphetamine"

Ken Griffey Jr. = "Ken Griffey Overrated" or "Ken Griffey Jogger"

Ozzie Guillen = "The Great Communicator"

Jerry Hairston Jr. = "JHJ"

Brendan Harris = "Five-Three"

Orlando Hernandez = "El Delicate"

Chris Jakubauskas = "Labrynth"

Jason Johnson = "The Turbo Tanker"

Reed Johnson = "Fire"

Jacque Jones = "Jacque Junk" or "Joke Jones"

Jeff Kent = "Jeff Can't"

Dan Kolb = "Mazzonesbane"

Brad Lidge = "Brad Blidge"

Corey Lidle = "The Clog"

Jesse Litsch = "Son of a Litcsh"

Paul LoDuca = "Heart" (see Guillermo Mota)

James Loney = "J-Lo"

Braden Looper = "The Producer"

Jose Macias = "Hack Macias" or "Ho Mack"

Nick Markakis = "General Markack"

Carlos Marmol = "Mar-Man"

Pedro Martinez = "The Notable Exception"

Ryan Masdson = "Mad Max"

Gary Matthews, Jr. = "GMJ"

Juan Melo = "Lazy Bones"

Kent Mercker = "The Myrka" or "Mer-Man"

Guillermo Mota = "Soul" (see Paul LoDuca)

Xavier Nady= "Mr. April"

Tomokazu Okha = "TKO"

Roy Oswalt = "Dead Red"

Corey Patterson = "Tools" or "Helicopter"

Jhonny Peralta = "Jah-Honny"

Neifi Perez = "Giantsbane"

Scott Podsednik = "Scott Poh-suh-dink"

Mark Reynolds = "Company" (see Chris Davis)

Luis Rivas = "Rivas, to the dance floor, please!"

Richie Sexson = "Actaeon"

Ben Sheets = "Hospital Sheets"

Sammy Sosa = "Sammy Cepeda"

Matt Stairs = "Fat Stairs"

B.J. Surhoff = "B.J. Showoff"

Nick Swisher = "Nicky Swish"

Taylor Tankersley = "Turbo"

Terry Tiffee = "Tuffy"

Brandon Watson = "On Top"

Kip Wells = "Kip unWells"

Ty Wigginton = "Twiggi"

Jamey Wright = "The Terrible Machine"

Carlos Zambrano = "Great Zambrano" or "Poker-face"

Victor Zambrano = "Irony" or "Lessor Zambrano"

Ryan Zimmerman = "Zim-Zim-Zim" or "The Professional Hitter"

Questions about the origins of these nicknames? Email us.
See also our
Historical Nicknames and our Ballpark Food Nicknames.

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