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Each year we pick the final record for each team, map out the playoffs, predict leaders in 21 different stat categories in each league, designate winners for several major awards, and pick some players to either surprise or disappoint. Behold!

Clairvoyant Keith 2012
Cleveland Rocks! Or maybe the AL Central is just weak...

Scott The Savant 2012
Braves, Phillies, Giants, and Jays partying like it's 1993!

All-Seeing Asher 2012

Rubix-Solving Richard 2012
Take a wild guess!

Ever Insightful Eric 2012
Pujols and Votto wins MVPs, but Fielder gets the last laugh!

Keith's 2011 Casting
Yankees suffer their first losing season since 1992!

Scott's 2011 Selections
Dodgers overcome ownership, Mets succumb to theirs

Asher's 2011 Analysis
Brandon Belt is the new Stephen Strasburg

Richard's 2011 Revelations
Giants get vengeance for 1989!

Eric's 2011 Elucidation
109 wins won't get Boston to the World Series!

K'Anpo Keith 2010
Down on the Dodgers, Focused on Florida, and All About the A's!

Scott the Russian Dervish 2010
Three Division Leaders with fewer than 90 wins!

The Book of Asher 2010
Injuries to Webb and Lee won't cripple D-backs and M's

Richard Van Nostradamus 2010
Jason Heyward wins more than just Rookie of the Year...

Keith's 2009 Proposed Propositions
Big Red Machine ain't got nuthin' on me!

Scott's 2009 Gambled Gambits
Manny makes Boston pay!

Asher's 2009 Hallucenated Hypotheses
The NL is about the Phillies and the Mets

Tony's 2009 Rockin' Residuals
I could tell you, but you could also guess.

Rich's 2009 Participatory Paliances
Tampa finishes the job.

Eric's 2009 Yippity Dippity
Edinson Volquez emulates Steve Carlton.

Avi's 2009 Contributory Collaboration
Six Divisions, Six wild and crazy predictions!


Keith's 2008 Informed Insight
Detroit Tigers are much ado about very little!

Scott's 2008 Situational Scenarios
Another year, another big Shannan Stewart prediction!

Asher's 2008 Ominous Omens
Phillies hitters dominate leaderboard, but team falls short of playoffs!

Tony's 2008 Vivid Visuals
Mariners not mighty, but wiggle to top of West

Rich's 2008 Proposed Promises
Jeff Francoeur provides all the heroics for the Braves!

Eric's 2008 Auspicious Auguring
Chicago Cubs receive 100 Year Redemption!

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2007 Prediction Review

Final 2007 Standings

Keith's 2007 Hypothecation
Sammy Sosa wins two awards in his return! But . . .

Scott's 2007 Prophecies
Finally over the Tigers, ready for some Brewers!

Asher's 2007 Intuition
The AL Central Falls Apart

Tony's 2007 Divination
Dodgers get even for 1977, 1978 World Series.

Rich's 2007 Reckoning
Dominant Johan leads Twins to Series victory.

Eric's 2007 Anticipation
Repeat MVP for Howard, A's finally win big.

Want to do predictions of your own? Download our Predictions Worksheet!

When finished, send them to us at,
and we'll post them on the site!


Keith's 2006 Storyboard
Marlins and Angels should opposite ways.

Scott's 2006 Tarot Cards
Again with the Tigers! High on Harden as well.

Asher's 2006 Dictation
Indians, Indians, Indians! And a complete Cubs collapse.

Tony 2006 - Homer pick: Yankees all the way!

Richard 2006 - Sox to repeat; Marlins historically awful

Eric 2006 - Red Sox dominate the East; NL West mediocre again

Final 2006 Standings

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Who made the best predictions in 2006?


Keith's 2005 Prognostications
Good call on the White Sox, but please don't view his NL Central & NL West divisions.

Scott's 2005 Foreshadowing
Surprise: the Tigers and Phillies weren't division winners

Asher's 2005 Crystal Ball
Five correct division winners; Underrates A's, Astros, and White Sox

Final 2005 Standings How the 2005 clubs actually finished


Keith's 2004 Predictons
50% of the teams picked within 5 games of actual placement

Scott's 2004 Forecast
3 records exactly right, but 5 incorrect division winners

Asher's 2004 Outlook
Don't tell Asher that no one predicted the Cardinals' greatness...

Final 2004 Standings
Featuring Pythagorean Win %, plus Home/Road and LHP/RHP splits

Evaluating our Predictions
Statistically, who made the best predictions in '04?

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