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Keith's 2006 Predictions
Final Standings

AL East W L Pct. NL East W L Pct.
Boston Red Sox 94 68 0.580 Atlanta Braves 93 69 0.574
Toronto Blue Jays 89 73 0.549 New York Mets 91 71 0.562
New York Yankees 88 74 0.543 Philadelphia Phillies 83 79 0.512
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 71 91 0.438 Florida Marlins 77 85 0.475
Baltimore Orioles 67 95 0.414 Washington Nationals 68 94 0.420
AL Central W L Pct. NL Central W L Pct.
Cleveland Indians 96 66 0.593 St. Louis Cardinals 96 66 0.593
Chicago White Sox 94 68 0.580 Pittsburgh Pirates 78 84 0.481
Minnesota Twins 90 72 0.556 Houston Astros 78 84 0.481
Detroit Tigers 73 89 0.451 Milwaukee Brewers 76 86 0.469
Kansas City Royals 58 104 0.358 Chicago Cubs 74 88 0.457
Cincinnati Reds 71 91 0.438
AL West W L Pct. NL West W L Pct.
Oakland Athletics 95 67 0.586 Los Angeles Dodgers 97 65 0.599
Texas Rangers 80 82 0.494 San Diego Padres 79 83 0.488
Anaheim Angels 77 85 0.475 San Francisco Giants 78 84 0.481
Seattle Mariners 74 88 0.457 Colorado Rockies 76 86 0.469
Arizona Diamondbacks 69 93 0.426

American League National League
Division Series White Sox over Athletics 3-2 Cardinals over Braves, 3-2
Red Sox over Indians, 3-1 Dodgers over Mets, 3-0
League Championship Red Sox over White Sox 4-2 Cardinals over Dodgers, 4-1
World Series Red Sox over Cardinals, 4-2
League Leaders

Hitters American League Stat National League Stat
AVG Vladamir Guerrero 0.350 Brady Clark 0.344
OBP Jason Giambi 0.446 Barry Bonds 0.498
SLG Manny Ramirez 0.643 Barry Bonds 0.711
OPS Manny Ramirez 1.042 Barry Bonds 1.209
R Grady Sizemore 130 Jason Bay 122
H Ichiro Suzuki 219 Juan Pierre 222
2B Coco Crisp 57 Todd Helton 53
3B Chone Figgins 11 Jose Reyes 15
HR Jim Thome 54 Adam Dunn 52
RBI Alex Rodriguez 147 Aramis Ramirez 131
BB Jason Giambi 126 Todd Helton 130
SO Richie Sexson 155 Preston Wilson 170
SB Scott Podsednik 74 Ryan Freel 68
CS Ichiro/Figgins 14 Hanley Ramirez 22
IP Carlos Silva 232.1 Livan Hernandez 260
W Paul Byrd 23 Derek Lowe 24
L Scott Elarton 20 Livan Hernandez 16
ERA Johan Santana 2.6 Jae Wong Seo 2.55
H Chien-Ming Wang 240 Tom Glavine 254
K Johan Santana 258 Jake Peavy 234
HR Javier Vazquez 40 Ryan Franklin 46
BB Gil Meche 103 Doug Davis 98
Sv Francisco Cordero 42 Eric Gagne 55
Award Winners

Awards American League National League
Most Valuable Player Manny Ramirez (.320-44-136) Albert Pujols (.325-42-126)
Cy Young Johan Santana (21-8 2.60 258) Derek Lowe (24-7 2.69 139)
Rookie of the Year Ian Kinsler (.290-21-66) Ian Snell (13-8 3.28 165)
Comeback Player Jim Thome (.276-54-128) Barry Bonds (.299-36-89)
Surprise Player Ty Wigginton (.288-24-86) Austin Kearns (.305-30-99)
Disappointing Player Mike Timlin (0-6 7.38) Alfonso Soriano (.238 12 39)
Dave Kingman Jermaine Dye (.256/.311 29 117K) Jason Lane (.249/.302 31 122K)
Alex Gonzalez of the Marlins Alex Gonzalez of the Red Sox Felipe Lopez
Keith's Comments on the Upcoming Season

I just don't see any way that Atl, NYM, Stl, and LAD fail to fill out the NL playoff bracket this year. Not if the Rocket comes back to Houston and cuts his 2005 ERA in half, not if Barry Bonds plays in all 162 games for the Giants. Not if Kerry Wood and Mark Prior revert to 2003 form, not if Ryan Howard hits 60 home runs this year.

Th AL's a little trickier, as seven teams enter the season with 90+ win potential. In the end, I think the four of those with the most depth get into the postseason.

Snell wins the NL ROY because the Marlins' Jeremy Hermedia and Josh Willingham split votes the way that Cleveland's Manny Ramirez and Roberto Alomar split votes in 1999 to allow I-Rod to win the award. Nice to have two Ians winning ROYs.

Asher's Take

Keith and I's picks for team standings were strikingly similar in some respects, not so much in others. Keith is down on the Yankees this year, and I simply fail to see how the Yankees, other than aging, have declined from last season. Johnny Damon is not the best centerfielder in the league, but he is vastly better than last year's train wreck. Keith is also more up on the Dodgers than I am this season. Furcal at short is an improvement, but they were already solid at short. Nomar is a brittle shortstop turned first baseman, Jeff Kent is another year older (though no signs of slowing), and the outfield features Kenny Lofton, whose days as a full-timer seem long gone.

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Scott's Take

No matter how talented the Yankees players were in their primes, any team with that many aged superstars and questionable pitchers can decline very rapidly. Just look at the Seattle Mariners of 2004. Kudos to Keith for having the guts to pick the Yankees in 3rd place!

In the National league, I think he is a bit too optimistic about Florida, but they have a much better chance to win 77 than they do to win 49 as Richard mind-bogglingly predicts.

Keith rides Jae Wong Seo like I used to ride Shannon Stewart in search of the AL batting title. Let it go!

And in 1999, the real injustice was that Pedro Martinez didn't win the AL MVP!

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Rich's Take

As with Asher, I see no way the Angels finish below .500 and as with Scott, I see no way with the Dodgers pitching that they could win 97 games. The Angels pitching is just too good, and the Dodgers pitching is just too iffy. There are major concerns heading into the season with Gagne and his 89-91 mph fastball. There’s no way he saves 55, just no way.

And again, as with Scott, I just cannot see only 5 teams in the NL with winning records, especially with only one each in the Central and Western divisions.

I must say the thought of Scott Elarton losing 20 games crossed my mind so that certainly wouldn’t surprise me but I might drop dead if Paul Byrd manages to win 23. I could definitely see Franklin giving up 46 jacks if he starts, though it looks like he’s going to the pen.

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