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The Keith's 2007 Predictions!
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Final Standings

AL East W L Pct. NL East W L Pct.
New York Yankees 96 66 0.593 Philadelphia Phillies 84 78 0.519
Boston Red Sox 91 71 0.562 New York Mets 82 80 0.506
Toronto Blue Jays 84 78 0.519 Florida Marlins 81 81 0.500
Baltimore Orioles 66 96 0.407 Atlanta Braves 76 86 0.469
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 63 99 0.389 Washington Nationals 54 108 0.333
AL Central W L Pct. NL Central W L Pct.
Cleveland Indians 95 67 0.586 St. Louis Cardinals 91 71 0.562
Chicago White Sox 92 70 0.568 Chicago Cubs 88 74 0.543
Detroit Tigers 87 75 0.537 Houston Astros 80 82 0.494
Minnesota Twins 80 82 0.494 Pittsburgh Pirates 76 86 0.469
Kansas City Royals 64 98 0.395 Milwaukee Brewers 75 87 0.463
Cincinnati Reds 70 92 0.432
AL West W L Pct. NL West W L Pct.
Los Angeles Angels 90 72 0.556 Los Angeles Dodgers 94 68 0.580
Seattle Mariners 86 76 0.531 San Diego Padres 89 73 0.549
Texas Rangers 84 78 0.519 Arizona Diamondbacks 83 79 0.512
Oakland Athletics 76 86 0.469 Colorado Rockies 81 81 0.500
San Francisco Giants 72 90 0.444

Individual Leaders

Hitters American League Stat National League Stat
AVG Travis Hafner 0.341 Albert Pujols 0.339
OBP Jason Giambi 0.443 Barry Bonds 0.472
SLG Jim Thome 0.629 Lance Berkman 0.642
OPS Travis Hafner 1.053 Albert Pujols 1.088
R Grady Sizemore 129 Alfonso Soriano 125
H Ichiro Suzuki 229 Garrett Atkins 202
2B Michael Young 50 Garrett Atkins 51
3B Carl Crawford 14 Dave Roberts 15
HR Alex Rodriguez 50 Lance Berkman 49
RBI Alex Rodriguez 142 Albert Pujols 144
BB Jason Giambi 115 Morgan Ensberg 133
SO Michael Cuddyer 160 Ryan Howard 189
SB Carl Crawford 52 Chris Duffy 60
CS Luis Castillo 17 Hanley Ramirez 19
IP Mark Buehrle 226.1 Jason Schmidt 240.2
W CC Sabathia 20 Jason Schmidt 22
L Adam Loewen 16 Shawn Hill 19
ERA Johan Santana 2.82 Jake Peavy 2.98
H Joe Blanton 244 Rodrigo Lopez 250
K Johan Santana 249 Rich Hill 232
HR Brandon McCarthy 35 B. Arroyo, J. Moyer 38
BB Adam Loewen 101 Doug Davis 122
Sv Francisco Rodriguez 45 Jason Isringhausen 47


Awards American League National League
MVP Travis Hafner (.341-47-140) Albert Pujols (.339-48-139)
Cy Young CC Sabathia (20-8 3.06) Jason Schmidt (22-6 3.39)
Rookie of the Year Daisuke Matsuzaka (15-10 3.88) Jason Hirsh (14-9 3.92)
Comeback Player Mark Buehrle (16-8 4.07) Derrek Lee (42-128 .306)
Surprise Player Jose Vidro (.310/.376/.455) Brad Hawpe (.330-32-119)
Disappointing Player Chien-Ming Wang (12-10 4.90) Stephen Drew (.268/.315/.449)
Dave Kingman Sammy Sosa (.259-31-101) Prince Fielder (.265-33-84)
Alex Gonzalez of the Marlins Sammy Sosa Alex Gonzalez of the Reds
Mark Redman Kei Igawa Ted Lilly


American League National League
Division Series White Sox over Yankees 3-2 Cardinals over Padres 3-1
Indians over Angels 3-2 Dodgers over Phillies 3-0
League Championship Indians over White Sox 4-2 Dodgers over Cardinals 4-0
World Series Indians over Dodgers 4-2

Comments on the Upcoming Season

American League

We all know that Johan Santana will win the Cy Young Award, but it's fun to pick against him for sport...

The Yankees lack depth on both sides of the ball, but have an unbelievable Triple-A rotation that will provide them with a couple of good young arms in the summer. George Steinbrenner's wallet shout fill in whatever holes injuries create on an offense that will enjoy a fantastic season from the beleaguered Alex Rodriguez.

The Central does not appear as strong as it did at the end of last season, but the four contending teams each have rosters that are built for postseason success. Whatever team(s) do come out of this war zone have to be considered the favorite(s) to go all the way.

The Texas Rangers seemed like a great sleeper pick to win the West until we saw that slugger Jason Botts somehow does not figure into their plans and that Eric Gagne will return to that list he's always featured prominently on. Even with a myriad of injuries and terrible offseason signings, the Angels have enough depth to squeak out a division title from the upstart Mariners.

National League

After one of the strongest rookie classes in recent memory, the NL will feature a very disappointing class for its Rookie of the Year award...

It's the NL East's turn to play the retarded little brother in the senior circuit. The only reason a couple of these scrubs might break .500 is because they each get 20-some games against the dilapidated Washington Nationals. It pained me to pick the Phillies to win that division, because they are one of the most overblown teams in recent memory. But I couldn't stand the thought of picking the same four NL playoff teams that made it last year, and the Marlins' lack of depth and buying power make them a couple of injuries away from disaster.

The absolute most overblown team of all time is this year's Milwaukee Brewers. I didn't buy into them last year, and I'm certainly not forecasting greatness now that three of their best hitter's from last year won't help them. The left side of their infield will feature some tear-jerking combination of Craig Counsell, Tony Graffanino, JJ Hardy, and Vinny Rottino. Despite having a solid pitching staff, these Brewers will only outscore the Devil Rays and Nationals.

The Diamondbacks and Rockies could both have enough youngsters break out to snare the Wild Card from the Padres, but the Dodgers' combination of dominant pitching, a consistent offense, and incredible depth make them clearly the best in the NL.