KG Answer Key #3:
Power and Speed

Collect 4 points for each correct answer:

Identify the only 2 players besides Jimmy Sheckard since 1900 who have led their league in both
homers and stolen bases in the same season.

Ty Cobb/Chuck Klein

Identify the 2 players on this list who have accumulated both 40 homers and 50 stolen bases in a
season (Not necessarily the same season):

Brady Anderson/Ryne Sandberg

Which 4 of the following players have gone 20/20?

Jeromy Burnitz/Bert Campaneris/Kevin Bass/Jeffrey Leonard

Which 4 of the following players have gone 20/20 in multiple seasons?

Toby Harrah/Devon White/Pedro Guerrero/Barry Larkin

Which 3 of the following players have over 200 homers and over 200 stolen bases over their career?

Howard Johnson/George Brett/Jose Canseco

Identify the only four players in history to have back-to back seasons with 50 or more doubles:

Tris Speaker/Billy Herman/Joe Medwick/Edgar Martinez

Name the only 3 players since 1900 to reach both the 50 double and 50 steal plateus.

Tris Speaker, Craig Biggio, Ben Chapman.
(Hugh Duffy and Ed Delahanty both did it in the 19th century)

Identify the 3 players since 1931 that have had over 20 triples in one season besides Dale Mitchell.

Snuffy Stirnweiss, Willie Wilson, Lance Johnson

Tiebreaker/Bonus (1pt): Vada Pinson’s number of career triples: 127