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Tony Aubry's 2006 Predictions
Final Standings

AL East W L Pct. NL East W L Pct.
New York Yankees 96 66 0.593 Atlanta Braves 92 70 0.568
Boston Red Sox 90 72 0.556 New York Mets 91 71 0.562
Toronto Blue Jays 86 76 0.531 Philadelphia Phillies 85 77 0.525
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 74 88 0.457 Washington Nationals 78 84 0.481
Baltimore Orioles 66 96 0.407 Florida Marlins 60 102 0.370
AL Central W L Pct. NL Central W L Pct.
Chicago White Sox 93 69 0.574 St. Louis Cardinals 98 64 0.605
Cleveland Indians 89 73 0.549 Chicago Cubs 86 76 0.531
Minnesota Twins 83 79 0.512 Milwaukee Brewers 83 79 0.512
Detroit Tigers 74 88 0.457 Houston Astros 82 80 0.506
Kansas City Royals 61 101 0.377 Pittsburgh Pirates 75 87 0.463
Cincinnati Reds 69 93 0.426
AL West W L Pct. NL West W L Pct.
Oakland Athletics 92 70 0.568 Los Angeles Dodgers 88 74 0.543
Los Angeles Angels 86 76 0.531 San Francisco Giants 86 76 0.531
Texas Rangers 77 85 0.475 Arizona Diamondbacks 78 84 0.481
Seattle Mariners 68 94 0.420 San Diego Padres 77 85 0.475
Colorado Rockies 67 95 0.414

American League National League
Division Series Yankees over Athletics, 3-1 Cardinals over Braves, 3-1
Red Sox over White Sox, 3-2 Dodgers over Mets, 3-2
League Championship Yankees over Red Sox. 4-2 Cardinals over Dodgers, 4-3
World Series Yankees over Cardinals, 4-2
League Leaders

Hitters American League Stat National League Stat
AVG Ichiro Suzuki .339 Miguel Cabrera .340
OBP Jason Giambi .430 Todd Helton .437
SLG Alex Rodriguez .628 Barry Bonds .675
OPS Alex Rodriguez 1.056 Albert Pujols 1.143
R Johnny Damon 134 Albert Pujols 130
H Ichiro Suzuki 221 Miguel Cabrera 220
2B Hideki Matsui 50 Jason Bay 47
3B Carl Crawford 16 Jose Reyes 18
HR Mark Teixeira 50 Ryan Howard 43
RBI Mark Teixeira 147 Miguel Cabrera 125
BB Jason Giambi 112 Barry Bonds 106
SO Alex Rodriguez 135 Adam Dunn 169
SB Chone Figgins 64 Jose Reyes 70
CS Scott Podsednik 26 Jose Reyes 23
W Randy Johnson 22 Cris Carpenter 23
L Zack Greinke 16 Eric Milton 16
ERA Roy Halladay 2.43 Carlos Zambrano 2.50
H Mark Hendrickson 240 Eric Milton 254
K Johan Santana 260 Jake Peavy 220
HR Bartolo Colon 32 Eric Milton 43
BB Scott Kazmir 91 Victor Zambrano 116
Sv Mariano Rivera 48 Brad Lidge 43
Award Winners

Awards American League National League
Most Valuable Player Mark Teixeira (.310-50-147) Miguel Cabrera (.340-40-125)
Cy Young Roy Halladay (20-7 2.43 201) Carlos Zambrano (20-9 2.50 215)
Rookie of the Year Jon Papelbon Jeremy Hermida
Comeback Player Jim Thome Barry Bonds
Surprise Player Frank Thomas Hee Seop Choi
Disappointing Player A.J. Burnett Zach Duke
Dave Kingman Troy Glaus Alfonso Soriano
Alex Gonzalez of the Marlins Chone Figgins Nomar Garciaparra
Tony's Comments on the Upcoming Season

I don't see the White Sox repeating this year. Their rotation will be good but no where near as good as last year. However, 2006 will be the year when the D-Rays get out of that cold and dark basement of the A.L East.

Too many people are jumping on the A's bandwagon. They have the pitching (though Zito might be dealt by July), but they simply don't have the lineup.

Toronto WON'T make it to the playoffs.

Could this be the year that the Yankees' rotation is healthy and they finally win that 27th ring? We can only hope! :)

We'll just have to sit back, relax and wait to see how the 2006 season will turn out.

Keith's Take

Yankees fans should hope that their rotation in NOT healthy. That way Steinbrenner will know to acquire better pitching options sooner rather than later. Whoever pitches the most innings out of Weng, Pavano, Wright, Chacon, and Small is going to lead the AL in hits allowed. The acquisition of Damon provides just a marginal improvement on what's been the worst defense in baseball for the past two years. What this club needs is more strikeout pitchers a la Randy Johnson to minimize the sting of these aging, horrendous fielders.

But other than the somewhat expected hometown bias, these picks are extremely solid. So much so that I'd even call them conservative.

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Scott's Take

Tony's expectations of the major league status quo are a bit uninspired. Every year, there is quite a shakeup somewhere, somehow. His predictions don't reflect this statistical likelihood at all.

That being said, Zach Duke is an intriguing possibility as an NL dissapointment. His 2005 debut looked eerily similar to Cal Eldred's 1992 season, and Eldred was just average for the rest of his career.

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Asher's Take

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