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A Bay Area lifer, Rich serves as the West Coast Correspondent for Rich’s passionate, lifelong love affair with the game of baseball in general, and the Giants specifically, began officially on April 21, 1978 ( is really cool!) when he went to his first big league game and saw his hero Willie McCovey take on Tom Seaver and the Big Red Machine out at the ‘Stick. Rich has been writing for since 2006.

Richard Van Zandt Archive

April 18, 2010 - The Giants Two Weeks In: Almost two weeks into the season the San Francisco Giants, by the estimation of some, have been among the surprise teams out of the gate. At 8-3 at this early juncture, they sit atop the NL West, but what's been most encouraging hasn't been the way they've played (which really has been very encouraging), but the obvious confidence with which they've been playing. Not surprisingly, their pitching has been strong, posting a 3.18 team ERA in the early going, second only to the Cardinals in that category.

Where the Giants have been surprising, however, has been at the plate.

2009 NL Cy Young Award Analysis
There is no shortage of deserving candidates for the 2009 NL Cy Young Award. But according to Richard, the pitcher who has been the very best in the senior circuit is none other than San Francisco’s wunderkind, Tim Lincecum. Again.

The Giants at The Break
A status report on the 2009 Giants and a suggestion on how they should proceed.

Richard's Ultimate Guide to Hitting Streaks
Upon further review, Richard is able to confirm many of the official accounts of historical hitting streaks...and add plenty information of his own.

Who Are These Guys?
Six weeks into the season, Pedro Feliz and Barry Zito have been among the NL's biggest surprise players.

2009 San Francisco Giants Preview
Optimism is in the air for Gianrs fans, but most of it is unwarranted, writes one of the biggest Giants fans of them all.

Giants Sign Renteria and Howry: Youth Movement Bogus?
Here we go again. On successive days the Giants showed that, despite their publicly professed desire to get younger and more athletic, general manager Brian Sabean hasn’t lost his affinity for players on the wrong side of 30.

2008 NL Cy Young Award Analysis
There is no shortage of deserving candidates for the 2008 NL Cy Young Award. But according to Richard, the pitcher who has been the very best in the senior circuit is none other than San Francisco’s wunderkind, Tim Lincecum.

Top Giants Prospects:
C | CI | MI | OF | RP | SP

It’s Been a Long Year… Already
If its spring, you have reason to be optimistic. Unless of course, if you’re a San Francisco Giants fan in 2008. In that case, well, it’s been a long year…already.

2008 San Francisco Giants Preview
A New Era Dawns in the City by the Bay.

Revisiting Billy Beane's Perfect Draft
Two more years have passed... how does the Moneyball Draft look now?

The Five Worst Drafts of 2002
Rich may not be the biggest fan of Billy Beane's 2002 draft, but there are others he is far less on board with.

Richard's 2007 Roster Guide
Take a look at Richard's 2007 Roster Guide, complete with extensive stats for the 2006 season, both sortable and by team. - a Microsoft Excel download: unhide the hidden cells for all of the stats!

Transactions Log
Richard keeps us up-to-date on the wheelings and dealings aroung Major League Baseball.

Acquisition Analysis: Giants Get Rowand
The Giants have made their first major acquisition of the post-Barry Bonds era and it’s... Aaron Rowand? You really can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

A Letter to Pedro Feliz
Dear Pedro: Why so sucky?

Giants Report - v. 1.7 (Starting Pitchers)
The starting pitching is not to blame for an abysmal 2007 season

Giants Report - v. 1.6 (Outfielders)
The Giants have productive outfieldes - but who should stay and who should go?

Giants Report - v. 1.5 (Infielders)
In short, the infield desperately needs an overhaul.

The Greatest Giant Ever
How is Willie Mays great? Let Richard count the ways.

Time to Blow It up
An Open Letter to Brian Sabean from one of his biggest fans.

Saying Goodbye to Shooter
Richard Eulogizes Rod Beck.

Top 2007 Hitting Streaks
Some general, rambling information you may or may not know about hitting streaks so far in 2007.

Bye-Bye Benitez
Ding-Dong, Armando's gone!

Giants Report - v. 1.4 (Hitting)
The Giants desperately need some protection for you-know-who.

Giants Report - v. 1.3 (Pitching)
A fabulous starting rotation leads a schizophrenic bullpen.

The Debut of Tim Lincecum
The Future arrived in San Francisco on Sunday. The present however, was just a little bit bumpy.

Giants Report - v. 1.2
At the second checkpoint, things are looking up.

The Return of Russ Ortiz?
What can we expect from Russ Ortiz for the remainder of the season.

Giants Report - v. 1.1
One week into the season, things are not looking good.

Richard's 2007 Season Predictions
See how Richard forecasts the upcoming season.

2007 San Francisco Giants Preview
Staff writer Richard Van Zandt outlines the Giants' 2007 season.

2006 News and Notes
Richard tours Major League Baseball daily and finds the most interesting facts, feats, and occurrences.

Pedro Feliz - Prodigious Out-Making Machine
This just in: Pedro Feliz isn't a very useful player. If you're still a doubter, you won't be after reading Richard's epic analysis.

Chatting with Chris Lincecum
Richard gets some inside info on the Giants' top prospect from his father, Chris.

2006 Giants Team Review
Richard considers the acquisition of Bruce Bochy and looks ahead towards some of the team's other offseason possibilities.

A-Rod; A-Choker?
Richard remains convinced that Alex Rodriguez chokes when the game is on the line.

Don't Forget the West
Richard is baffled by Tony's disregard for the NL West.

Humidor Shenanigans
Coors is no longer a hitter's park and Richard wants to know why.

Tim Lincecum - The Future
A scouting report on the Giants' #1 pick in 2006.

Save the Royals!
Tinker with a defeated club all you like, but only one move is going to ressurect this once-proud franchise.

Giants Quarterly Report - Pitchers
Richard looks at the Giants' pitching this week, and doesn't like what he sees.

Giants Quarterly Report - Batters
Richard examines how the Giants' position players have fared thus far and provides an eye to the future.

All Star Pick Defense
Richard has more to say about his All Star selections after Keith questions them.

Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T/Etc. Park
Semi-annual name changes to perhaps the best ballpark around leads to an innovation that could change ballpark names forever.

Billy Beane's Perfect Draft
Richard closely examines Oaklands 2002 draft and comes to an inevitable conclusion...

Brock's Not So Bad
Appalled at Brock's treatment on this website, Richard comes to his defense.

Richard's 2006 Season Predictions
See where Richard thinks things are going to end up at the end of the year.

2006 Chicago White Sox Preview
What's not to like?

2006 Seattle Mariners Preview
See what Richard thinks of the Mariners chances in 2006 (hint: they won't finish first, second, or third in their division).

2006 Toronto Blue Jays Preview
Richard lays out the gameplan for what is sure to be a successful 2006 season for the Toronto Blue Jays.

2006 In Depth San Francisco Giants Preview
Giants fan Richard Van Zandt foretells the Giants' future.

2006 In Depth Rangers Preview
See what Richard foresees for the 2006 Rangers.

2006 In Depth Red Sox Preview
Everyone has an opinion on the Red Sox. Read Richard's.

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