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The Arizona Diamondbacks

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Founded - 1998
Stadium - Chase Field since 1998 (Phoenix, Arizona)
Best Team Record - 100-62 (.617) 1999; NL West Division Champions
Worst Team Record - 51-111 (.315) 2004; 5th Place NL West
World Series Winners - 2001 def. Yankees (4-3)
Division Winners - 1999, 2000, 2001, 2007
Wild Card Winners - none

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World Series Champions - 2001

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Who is that guy?
April 16, 2010 – Chris Young, Is That You? - In 2007, Chris Young nearly went 30/30 (32/27) and scored 85 runs in 148 while playing stellar centerfield defense as a rookie, so it was easy to overlook his .237/.295/.467/.763 RSL. In 2008, he played 160 games, hit 42 doubles, and raised his RSL to .248/.315/.443/.758, so he looked to be a work in progress. The 2009 season gave us all reason to worry – 134 games, .212/.311/.400/.711 RSL, and only 15 homeruns and 11 stolen bases to go with 54 runs scored; the Chris Young experiment appeared to be over.

Well, the early returns for the 2010 season are in, and through nine games Young is looking fabulous – three homeruns, 14 RBI, and an OPS over 1.000. As difficult as it is to draw conclusions from such a small data-set, one factor seems to have played an important role in his early season success – for a fast guy, Chris Young is a much better five/six hitter than he is a one/two hitter, and Young has spent the 2010 season in the six and seven spots in the lineup thus far after a career spent as a square-peg batter trying to fit into the round-hole role of leadoff man.

Franchise History

The Beginning - The Diamondbacks played their first season in 1998, as part of a two team expansion that included the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Later Developments - Unlike their counterparts, the D'Backs were immediately successful, winning their first division title in their second season and winning the World Series in their fourth season.

Best Trade in Team History - Trying to make a playoff push in 2000, the D'Backs sent Omar Daal, Nelson Figueroa, Travis Lee, and Vicente Padilla to the Phillies for Curt Schilling. While the trade did not put the D'Backs over the top in 2000, Schilling and Randy Johnson were unstoppable in 2001 as they took the D'Backs to a seven game World Series victory over the New York Yankees.

Worst Trade in Team History - In an attempt to bolster their offense in 2004, the D'Backs sent Junior Spivey, Craig Counsell, Lyle Overbay, Chad Moeller, Chris Capuano, and Jorge de la Rosa to the Milwaukee Brewers for Richie Sexson, Shane Nance, and a player to be named. Sexson played only 23 games with the D'Backs in 2004 before signing with the Mariners in 2005 as a free agent, while Lyle Overbay and Chris Capuano had break out seasons in 2004 and 2005, respectively. Links for the
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Revolutionary Competitive Balance 1/29/07
The Diamondbacks went fron one of the highest payrolls in baseball to one of the lowest in a span of five years.

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As a Giants Fan, Richard takes Tony's east coast bias personally.

Splitsville: April Stats vs. May Stats 6/1/2006
You always hear that you shouldn’t take April stats too seriously. Fortunately, we now have May statistics with which to compliment them. For the players with vastly disparate April and May stats, we’ll take a look and decide which month more accurately reflects each player’s abilities.

Aging Veteran Pitchers
There is currently a healthy crop of aging veteran pitchers, many whom may be in their final year, and many of whom will end up in the Hall of Fame. REad about where Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling place amongst these great elder pitchers.

2006 Arizona Diamondbacks Team Preview
Once again, Asher is one of the few optomists regarding the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Aging Veterans
Some older pitchers remain remarkably productive despite great age. Take Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson, for example.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Archive
All Time Team
Best Overall Player
Best Overall Pitcher
Worst Overall Player
Worst Overall Pitcher
Most Overrated Player
Most Underrated Player
Best Player Name
First Base
Second Base
Third Base
Left Field
Center Field
Right Field
Fourth Outfielder
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Relief Pitcher
Relief Pitcher
Bob Brenly
Luis Gonzalez
Randy Johnson
Quinton McCracken
Brian Anderson
Tony Womack
Tony Clark
Erubiel Durazo
Chris Snyder
Conor Jackson
Orlando Hudson
Matt Williams
Stephen Drew
Jay Bell
Luis Gonzalez
Steve Finley
Shawn Green
Eric Byrnes
Randy Johnson
Curt Schilling
Brandon Webb
Omar Daal
Miguel Batista
Matt Mantei
Byung Hyun-Kim
All Time Leaders
Home Runs
Runs Batted In
Stolen Bases
Total Bases
Batting Average
On-Base Percentage
Slugging Percentage
Games Pitched
Innings Pitched
Bases on Balls
1041 - Luis Gonzalez
3902 - Luis Gonzalez
887 - Luis Gonzalez
1178 - Luis Gonzalez
258 - Luis Gonzalez
37 - Tony Womack
209 - Luis Gonzalez
701 - Luis Gonzalez
182 - Tony Womack
2113 - Luis Gonzalez
.302 - Luis Gonzalez

243 - Byung-Hyun Kim
1389.2 - Randy Johnson
103 - Randy Johnson
49 - Randy Johnson
1832 - Randy Johnson
359 - Randy Johnson
2.65 - Randy Johnson
14 - Randy Johnson
74 - Matt Mantei
Single Season Leaders

627 - Matt Williams, 1999
132 - Jay Bell, 1999
206 - Luis Gonzalez, 1999
47 - Luis Gonzalez, 2000
14 - Tony Womack, 2000
57 - Luis Gonzalez, 2001
142 - Matt Williams, 1999
142 - Luis Gonzalez, 2001
72 - Tony Womack, 1999
419 - Luis Gonzalez, 2001
.336 - Luis Gonzalez, 1999
.429 - Luis Gonzalez, 2001
.688 - Luis Gonzalez, 2001
1.117 - Luis Gonzalez, 2001
86 - Oscar Villarreal, 2003
271.2 - Randy Johnson, 1999
24 - Randy Johnson, 2002
16 - Brandon Webb, 2004
372 - Randy Johnson, 2001
119 - Brandon Webb, 2004
2.48 - Randy Johnson, 1999
4 - Randy Johnson, 2002
36 - Byung-Hyun Kim, 2002
Hall of Fame

*Baseball Evolution Hall of Famer
Bold players are in both Halls
Award Winners
MVP Winners

Cy Young Winners
Randy Johnson - 1999
Randy Johnson - 2000
Randy Johnson - 2001
Randy Johnson - 2002
Brandon Webb - 2006

Rookies of the Year

Firemen of the Year
Jose Valverde - 2007

Kingman Award
Chris Young - 2007

Alex Gonzalez of the Marlins
Club Members
Triple Crown Hitters

Triple Crown Pitchers

3-4-5 Club

100-Plus Club
Matt Williams (35/142) 1999

500 Outs Club

50 Home Run Club
Luis Gonzalez (57) 2001

30-30 Club Members

Sub-2.00 ERA