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The Cleveland Indians
Founded - 1901 as the Cleveland Blues
Stadium - Jacobs Field since 1994 (Cleveland, Ohio)
Best Team Record - 111-43 (.721) 1954; AL Champions
Worst Team Record - 51-102 (.333) 1914; 8th Place AL
World Series Winners - 1920 5-2 vs. Dodgers; 1948 4-2 vs. Braves
Division Winners - 1920 1948 1954 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2001 2007
Wild Card Winners - none
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World Series Champions - 1920, 1948

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04/08/10: Fausto or Famine - Last night, Fausto Carmona pitched six innings, giving up one hit and getting the win. That one hit, however, was a homerun, and he also gave up three earned runs by walking six batters and striking out only one.

True or False: If Fausto Carmona continues to walk a batter per inning and give up a homerun every six innings, he will continue to win games. --ABC

Franchise History

The Beginning
The Cleveland Blues were an original member of the American League in 1901. After one season, the team switched its name to the Cleveland Bronchos.

Philadelphia Phillie Nap LaJoie was the subject of early legal battles between the National and American Leagues. The National League actually went to far as to get an injunction from the Philadelphia Supreme Court, forcing LaJoie to play for only one team in Pennsylvania. As a result, AL boss Ban Johnson shifted LaJoie to the AL Cleveland franchise. His impact was so great that from 1903 to 1915, the team was known as the Cleveland Naps.

A Troubled Tribute Breeds Tribal Tribulation
The team allegedly changed its name to the Indians after the 1914 season to honor a fallen teammate. Louis "Chief" Sockalexis, a former member of the Cleveland franchise which played in the National League from 1887 to 1899, died on Christmas Eve of 1913. This story is largely thought to be apocryphal, made up after the fact to justify the Indians moniker which has been the subject of much protest from Native American tribes.

As further possible evidence that this story is untrue, the Indians have actually had two players die tragically while on the team - Addie Joss, of meningitis in 1911, and Ray Chapman, in 1920, the only player ever killed by a pitched ball. If ever a team were going to be named after a fallen teammate, these would seem to have been perfect opportunities. But to this day the team has never been known as the Cleveland Addies or the Cleveland Rays.

Best Trade in Team History
In 1948, after he went 8-19 with the Senators, the Indians acquired Early Wynn along with Mickey Vernon in exchange for Ed Klieman, Joe Haynes, and Eddie Robinson. Wynn enjoyed eight straight winning seasons for the Indians, including four 20-win seasons while Klieman and Haynes accomplished little, and Robinson would be traded again after a season and a half.

Worst Trade in Team History
Three years later, the Indians took part in a three way trade with the Athletics and the White Sox, the result of which the Indians essentially acquired Lou Brissie in exchange for 28 year old former Negro Leaguer Minnie Minoso. Minoso would bat better than .300 and top a .400 OBP in five of the next seven years with the White Sox, while Brissie was out of the league two years later at the age of 29. Links for the
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Cleveland Indians Archive

All Time Team
Best Overall Player
Best Overall Pitcher
Worst Overall Player
Worst Overall Pitcher
Most Overrated Player
Most Underrated Player
Best Player Name
First Base
Second Base
Third Base
Left Field
Center Field
Right Field
Designated Hitter
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Relief Pitcher
Relief Pitcher
Mike Hargrove
Tris Speaker
Bob Feller
Cory Snyder
Steve Hargan
Bob Lemon
Andre Thornton
Addie Joss
Sandy Alomar, Jr.
Jim Thome
Nap Lajoie
Al Rosen
Lou Boudreau
Joe Sewell
Albert Belle
Tris Speaker
Shoeless Joe Jackson
Manny Ramirez
Bob Feller
Addie Joss
Stan Coveleski
Bob Lemon
Mel Harder
Doug Jones
Jose Mesa
All Time Leaders
Home Runs
Runs Batted In
Stolen Bases
Total Bases
Batting Average
On-Base Percentage
Slugging Percentage
Games Pitched
Innings Pitched
Bases on Balls
1619 - Terry Turner
6034 - Nap Lajoie
1154 - Earl Averill
2046 - Nap Lajoie
486 - Tris Speaker
121 - Earl Averill
334 - Jim Thome
1084 - Earl Averill
450 - Kenny Lofton
3200 - Earl Averill
.375 - Joe Jackson

582 - Mel Harder
3827.0 - Bob Feller
266 - Bob Feller
186 - Mel Harder
2581 - Bob Feller
1764 - Bob Feller
1.89 - Addie Joss
45 - Addie Joss
129 - Doug Jones
Single Season Leaders

663 - Joe Carter, 1986
140 - Earl Averill, 1931
233 - Joe Jackson, 1911
64 - George Burns, 1926
26 - Joe Jackson, 1912
52 - Jim Thome, 2002
165 - Manny Ramirez, 1999
75 - Kenny Lofton, 1996
405 - Hal Trosky, 1936
.408 - Joe Jackson, 1911
.483 - Tris Speaker, 1920
.714 - Albert Belle, 1994
1.152 - Albert Belle, 1994
76 - Sid Monge, 1979
371 - Bob Feller, 1946
31 - Jim Bagby, Sr., 1920
22 - Pete Dowling, 1901
348 - Bob Feller, 1946
208 - Bob Feller, 1936
1.16 - Addie Joss, 1908
10 - Bob Feller, 1946
10 - Bob Lemon, 1948
46 - Jose Mesa, 1995
Hall of Fame
Addie Joss
Bob Feller
Joe Sewell
Larry Doby
Lou Boudreau
Nap Lajoie
Tris Speaker
Stan Coveleski
Elmer Flick
Bob Lemon
Earl Averill
Early Wynn

*Baseball Evolution Hall of Famer
Bold players are in both Halls
Award Winners
MVP Winners
George Burns - 1926
Lou Boudreau - 1948
Al Rosen - 1953

Cy Young Winners
Gaylord Perry - 1972
C.C. Sabathia - 2007
Cliff Lee - 2008

Rookies of the Year
Herb Score - 1955
Chris Chambliss - 1971
Joe Charboneau - 1980
Sandy Alomar, Jr. - 1990

Firemen of the Year
Jose Mesa - 1995

Kingman Award
Willie Kirkland - 1961
Willie Kirkland - 1962
Cory Snyder - 1987
Joe Carter - 1989
Casey Blake - 2005

Alex Gonzalez of the Marlins
Club Members
Triple Crown Hitters

Triple Crown Pitchers

3-4-5 Club

100-Plus Club
Tris Speaker (8/107) 1920
Tris Speaker (17/130) 1923
Joe Sewell (3/109) 1923
Tris Speaker (4/106) 1924
George Burns (4/114) 1926
Johnny Hodapp (9/121) 1930
Earl Averill (32/143) 1931
Hal Trosky (35/142) 1934
Joe Vosmik (10/110) 1935
Hal Trosky (42/162) 1936
Al Rosen (43/145) 1953
Albert Belle (48/148) 1996
Manny Ramirez (45/145) 1998
Manny Ramirez (44/165) 1999
Juan Gonzalez (35/140) 2001

500 Outs Club

50 Home Run Club
Jim Thome (52) 2002
Albert Belle (50) 1995

30-30 Club Members
Joe Carter (32/31) 1987

Sub-2.00 ERA
1.16 - Addie Joss, 1908