Detroit Tigers Archive
Overpaying for Pitching Part II 12/19/05
General Managers across the league are making a fatal error: they are only looking at the last line of statistics on these pitchers’ baseball cards, and therefore overpaying for pitching.

What is the Deal with Gold Gloves? 11/15/05
In winning the gold glove, Oakland's Eric Chavez robbed Detroit's Breandon Inge.

Moneyball Draft; Moneyball Daft 5/7/05
What role do the 2003 Tigers play in debunking Michael Lewis' book? Find out.

The Bagwell Conspiracy
Jeff Bagwell used steroids, and stands at the center of the baseball world as the steroid ring leader, the root of all steroid usage in the league. In fact, all major league steroid use can be traced directly to the Houston Astros first baseman. Read about what he did for the careers of Steve Finley and Luis Gonzalez in the revelation of Bagwell's Conspiracy.

Top Ten MVP Snubs of All Time
Which Detroit Tiger got most snubbed for the AL MVP? Hint: It wasn't Mickey Cochrane.