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The Florida Marlins
Founded - 1993 as the Florida Marlins
Stadium - Dolphin Stadium since 1993 (Miami, Florida)
Best Team Record - 92-70 (.568) 1997; World Series Champions
Worst Team Record - 54-108 (.333) 1998; 5th Place NL East
World Series Teams - 1997 def. Cleveland 4-3; 2003 def. New York 4-2
Division Winners - none
Wild Card Winners - 1997, 2003

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World Series Champions - 1997, 2003

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Florida Marlins Team Capsule
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06/03/09: Hayden, We Have a Problem - For most of this season, has maintained a “Hayden Penn Watch,” tracking his innings pitched, hits, and earned runs. What he did tonight won’t be adequately reflected by the Hayden Penn Watch, but it was still fantastic. And by that we mean, of course, fantastically bad. In the fifth, Marlins starter Sean West retired the first batter before Ryan Braun reached on an error and Prince Fielder singled. Already down 3-1, the Marlins brought in Hayden Penn to spell West. Penn promptly walked the bases loaded, induced a fielder's choice, walked in a run, and walked the pitcher to bring another run before being replaced three pitches into the following at-bat. Brian Sanches induced a ground ball which nevertheless turned into an error, gave up a double, and then struck out Braun to end the inning.

Penn’s line for the game:– 0.1 IP, 0 H, 4 BB, 5 R, 2 ER, 0 K.
Penn’s career line: 80.0 IP, 114 H, 54 BB, 53 K, 91 R, 80 ER.

This means that as of June 3, 2009, Hayden Penn now has exactly as many earned runs allowed as innings pitched and more walks than strikeouts. It will likely remain that way for a while, as Penn was finally designated for assignment the following day. --ABC

Franchise History

The Beginning
The Marlins joined the National League as part of a two team expansion with the Colorado Rockies in 1993. The Marlins won their first ever game over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Success without Dynasty
The Marlins won two World Series in seven years, both times doing so from the Wild Card. During that span, the Yankees and the Braves each won their division each year, while the Marlins followed up their World Series win in 1997 with a dismal last place finish, and didn't finish with a winning record again until '03, their second World Series season.

Best Trade in Team History
Right at the end of Spring Training '02, the Marlins sent Matt Clement and Antonio Alfonseca to the Cubs in exchange for Julian Tavarez, Jose Cueto, Ryan Jorgensen, and a minor league pitcher. That minor league pitcher turned out to be Dontrelle Willis, who won the NL Rookie of the Year in 2003 and finished second in the Cy Young voting in 2005. Meanwhile Alfonseca alfon-sucked for the Cubs, and Matt Clement moved on to the Red Sox after two seasons.

Worst Trade in Team History
In 2003, the Marlins traded Derrek Lee to the Cubs for Hee Seop Choi and Mike Nannini. Choi's stay with the Marlins was short lived, while Lee chased the Triple Crown with the Cubs in 2005. Links for the
Florida Marlins

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Alex Gonzalez of the Marlins Award/ 11/22/05
The Alex Gonzalez of the Marlins Award goes to the player in each league who begins the year on an uncharacteristic tear, and finished the year with a disappointing performance. Who better than Alex Gonzalez of the Marlins to illustrate how this award works with his baffling 2003 performance?

Trader Jack McKeon
A fan writes, "As I've mentioned before, I certainly don't consider myself smart enough to question managers, or to the extent that I am, I'm not going to let it affect my pick, but still, let's talk about learning from mistakes.

Florida Marlins Archive

All Time Team
Best Overall Player
Best Overall Pitcher
Worst Overall Player
Worst Overall Pitcher
Most Overrated Player
Most Underrated Player
Most Underrated Pitcher
Best Player Name
First Base
Second Base
Third Base
Left Field
Center Field
Right Field
Fourth Outfielder
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Relief Pitcher
Relief Pitcher
Jim Leyland
Gary Sheffield
Josh Beckett
Mike Redmond
Jesus Sanchez
Ryan Dempster
Chuck Carr
Orestes Destrade
Antonio Alfonseca
Charles Johnson
Derrek Lee
Luis Castillo
Mike Lowell
Edgar Renteria
Miguel Cabrera
Jeff Conine
Juan Pierre
Gary Sheffield
Preston Wilson
Josh Beckett
Brad Penny
Dontrelle Willis
A.J. Burnett
Ryan Dempster
Robb Nen
Bryan Harvey
All Time Leaders
Home Runs
Runs Batted In
Stolen Bases
Total Bases
Batting Average
On-Base Pct.
Slugging Pct.
Games Pitched
Innings Pitched

Bases on Balls

1128 - Luis Castillo
4347 - Luis Castillo
675 - Luis Castillo
1273 - Luis Castillo
241 - Mike Lowell
42 - Luis Castillo
143 - Mike Lowell
578 - Mike Lowell
281 - Luis Castillo
1645 - Mike Lowell
.296 - Kevin Millar
.370 - Luis Castillo
.498 - Derrek Lee
Derrek Lee
368 - Braden Looper
853.7 - A.J. Burnett
49 - A.J. Burnett
48 - Brad Penny
50 - A.J. Burnett
753 - A.J. Burnett
395 - Ryan Dempster
2.30 - Kevin Brown
3.27 - Dontrelle Willis
8 - A.J. Burnett
108 - Robb Nen
Single Season Leaders

678 - Juan Pierre, 2004
123 - Cliff Floyd, 2001
221 - Juan Pierre, 2004
45 - Cliff Floyd, 1998
12 - Juan Pierre, 2004
42 - Gary Sheffield, 1996
121 - Preston Wilson, 2000
65 - Juan Pierre, 2003
344 - Miguel Cabrera, 2005
.334 - Luis Castillo, 2000

.624 - Gary Sheffield, 1996

78 - Braden Looper, 2002
237.1 - Kevin Brown, 1997
22 - Dontrelle Willis, 2005
17 - Jack Armstrong, 1993
209 - Ryan Dempster, 2000
119 - Al Leiter, 1996
1.89 - Kevin Brown, 1996
5 - A.J. Burnett, 2002
5 - Dontrelle Willis, 2005
47 - Armando Benitez, 2004
Hall of Fame

*Baseball Evolution Hall of Famer
Bold players are in both Halls
Award Winners
Most Valuable Players

Cy Young Winners

Rookies of the Year
Dontrelle Willis - 2003
Hanley Ramirez - 2006

Firemen of the Year
Antonio Alfonseca - 2000

Kingman Award Winners

Alex Gonzalez of the Marlins

Mark Redman Award
Chris Volstad - 2009
Club Members
Triple Crown Hitters

Triple Crown Pitchers

3-4-5 Club

100-Plus Club

500 Outs Club
Juan Pierre - 2003
Juan Pierre - 2004
Juan Pierre - 2005
Dan Uggla - 2007

50 Home Run Club

30-30 Club Members
Preston Wilson (31/36) 2000

Sub-2.00 ERA
Kevin Brown (1.89) 1996

Four Home Run Club