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The Pittsburgh Pirates
Founded - 1882 as the Pittsburg Alleghenys
Stadium - PNC Park since 2001 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania);
Best Team Record - 103-36 (.741) 1902; NL Champions
Worst Team Record - 56-106 (.346) 2005 ; 5th Place AL Central
World Series Winners - 1909 (W 4-3); 1925 (W 4-3); 1960 (W 4-3); 1971 (W 4-3); 1979 (W 4-3)
Division Winners - 1901-1903, 1909, 1925, 1927, 1960, 1970-1972, 1974, 1979, 1990-1992
Wild Card Winners - none

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World Series Champions - 1909, 1925, 1960, 1971, 1979

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Pittsburgh Pirates Team Capsule
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April 8, 2010 – The Return of Hayden Penn - In 2009 Hayden Penn was one of the most mercilously ridiculed players on the site, and with good reason. The former superstud prospect for the Baltimore Orioles has spent his incredibly brief career giving up earned runs as a potentially historic pace. At one point, we even had a Hayden Penn Tracker on the side of the front page of the site, to track Penn’s daily performance; we got rid of that feature when, after 22.0 innings, the Marlins sent Penn to Triple-A New Orleans. We certainly thought we’d never hear from him again, but low and behold, Penn made a relief appearance for the Pittsburgh Pirates this afternoon, giving up four earned runs in one inning pitched. This brings Penn’s career tally to 81.0 innings pitched, 83 earned runs. Oh baby! -ABC

Franchise History

The Beginning - The Pittsburgh Alleghenies joined the American Association in 1882. They joined the National League in 1887 and became the Pirates in 1891.

Later Developments - The early spark for the Pirates organization came with the collapse of their National League rival Louisville Colonels. With the collapse, the Pirates added Honus Wagner, Fred Clarke, and Chief Zimmer, amongst others. The Pirates would win four division titles and a World Series between 1901 and 1909.

Best Trade in Team History - In 1998, 28 year-old Brian Giles posted a .396 OBP in just 112 games; Cleveland Manager Mike Hargrove just couldn't find him at bats in an outfield that included Manny Ramirez, Kenny Lofton, David Justice, and Mark Whiten. Pittsburgh GM Cam Bonifay did have room for the man, and in perhaps the only good move during his Pittsburgh tenure, managed to swap lefty specialist Ricardo Rincon for Giles straight up. During the next four seasons with the Pirates, Giles never hit fewer than 35 homers, drove in or scored fewer than 95 runs, posted a BA lower than .298, an OBP lower than .400, or a SLG lower than .590. And in July of 2003, new GM David Littlefield even managed to parlay Giles into Jason Bay and Oliver Perez, now the nucleus of an exciting young team.

Worst Trade in Team History - Here's a more typical Bonifay Boner: the Pirates gave up on Jason Schmidt in 2001, trading him to the Giants for Armando Rios and a Ryan Vogelsong. Rios injured himself almost immediately and played in just 78 games for the Buccos. Ryan Vogelsong is the worst pitcher in franchise history. But Schmidt became an elite starter immediately after joining San Francisco. Links for the Pittsburgh Pirates

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Here are the top five reasons that the Pirates will still finish the season at .500.

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Pittsburgh Pirates Archive

All Time Team
Best Overall Player
Worst Overall Player
Worst Overall Pitcher
Most Overrated Player
Most Underrated Player
Best Player Name

First Base
Second Base
Third Base
Left Field
Center Field
Right Field
Fourth Outfielder
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Relief Pitcher
Relief Pitcher
Fred Clarke
Honus Wagner
Derek Bell
Ryan Vogelsong
Roberto Clemente
Brian Giles
Diomedes Olivo
Benny Distefano
Jason Kendall
Willie Stargell
Bill Mazeroski
Pie Traynor
Arky Vaughan
Honus Wagner
Ralph Kiner
Max Carey
Paul Waner
Barry Bonds
Wilbur Cooper
Babe Adams
Sam Leever
Deacon Phillippe
Bob Friend
Kent Tekulve
Elroy Face
Bob Prince: The Gunner
"Kiss it goodbye! We had 'em all the way!"

All Time Leaders
Home Runs
Runs Batted In
Stolen Bases
Total Bases
Batting Average
On-Base Percentage
Slugging Percentage
Games Pitched
Innings Pitched
Bases on Balls
2433 - Roberto Clemente
9454 - Roberto Clemente
1521 - Honus Wagner
3000 - Roberto Clemente
558 - Paul Waner
232 - Honus Wagner
475 - Willie Stargell
1540 - Willie Stargell
688 - Max Carey
4492 - Roberto Clemente
.340 - Paul Waner
.426 - Brian Giles
.591 - Brian Giles
1.017 - Brian Giles
802 - Roy Face
3480.1 - Bob Friend
202- Wilbur Cooper
212- Bob Friend
1682 - Bob Friend
869 - Bob Friend
2.08 - Vic Willis
44 - Babe Adams
188 - Roy Face
Single Season Leaders
698 - Matty Alou, 1969
142 - Paul Waner, 1928
237 - Paul Waner, 1927
62 - Paul Waner, 1932
36 - Chief Owen Wilson, 1912
54 - Ralph Kiner, 1949
131 - Paul Waner, 1927
96 - Omar Moreno, 1980
366 - Kiki Cuyler, 1925
.385 - Arky Vaughan, 1935
.491 - Arky Vaughan, 1935
.658 - Ralph Kiner, 1949
1.098 - Arky Vaughan, 1935
94 - Kent Tekulve, 1979
330.2 - Burleigh Grimes, 1928
41 - Ed Morris, 1886
21 - Murry Dickson, 1952
276 - Bob Veale, 1965
159 - Marty O'Toole, 1912
1.56 - Howie Camintz, 1908
12 - Ed Morris, 1886
46 - Mike Williams, 2002
Hall of Fame
Arky Vaughan
Fred Clarke
Honus Wagner
Paul Waner
Ralph Kiner
Roberto Clemente
Willie Stargell
Max Carey
Bill Mazeroski

Jake Beckley
Pie Traynor
Lloyd Waner

*Baseball Evolution Hall of Famer
Bold players are in both Halls
Award Winners
MVP Winners
Paul Waner - 1927
Dick Groat - 1960
Roberto Clemente - 1966
Dave Parker - 1978
Willie Stargell - 1979
Barry Bonds - 1990
Barry Bonds - 1992

Cy Young Winners
Vern Law - 1960
Doug Drabek - 1990

Rookies of the Year
Jason Bay - 2004

Firemen of the Year

Kingman Award
Bill Mazeroski - 1958
Bill Robinson - 1979
Kevin Young - 2000

Alex Gonzalez of the Marlins
Club Members
Triple Crown Hitters

Triple Crown Pitchers

3-4-5 Club

100-Plus Club
Honus Wagner (7/113) 1899
Honus Wagner (6/126) 1901
Glenn Wright (7/111) 1924
Glenn Wright (18/121) 1925
Pie Traynor (6/106) 1925
Paul Waner (9/131) 1927
Pie Traynor (5/106) 1927
Pie Traynor (3/124) 1928
Pie Traynor (4/108) 1929
Pie Traynor (9/119) 1930
Pie Traynor (2/103) 1931
Gus Suhr (11/118) 1936

500 Outs Club
Woody Jensen - 1936
Dick Groat - 1962
Bill Virdon - 1962
Matty Alou - 1970
Dave Cash - 1974
Dave Cash - 1975
Rennie Stennett - 1976
Rennie Stennett - 1974
Frank Taveras - 1978
Omar Moreno - 1979
Omar Moreno - 1980
Omar Moreno - 1982
Jay Bell - 1990
Jay Bell - 1992

50 Home Run Club
Ralph Kiner (51) 1947
Ralph Kiner (54) 1949

30-30 Club Members

Sub-2.00 ERA
1.56 - Howie Camintz, 1908
1.66 - Sam Leever, 1907
1.73 - Vic Willis, 1906
1.87 - Wilbur Cooper, 1916
1.98 - Babe Adams, 1919