The Seattle Mariners
Founded - 1977
Stadium - Safeco Field since 1999 (Seattle, Washington)
Best Team Record - 116-46 (.716) 2001; 1st Place AL West Division Champions
Worst Team Record - 56-104 (.350) 1978; 7th Place American League West
World Series Winners - none
Division Winners - 1995 1997 2001
Wild Card Winners - 2000

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5/6/10: Things Are Going Bradley for the Mariners - The Seattle Mariners placed outfielder Milton Bradley on the restricted list today. The news comes as a complete shock, as Bradley has never been suspended by a team or league official before. It comes on the heels of a shouting match with Mariners manager Don Wakumatsu, which was notable, as Bradley had never had an altercation with a coach or manager prior to that incident.

Similarly, the five games Bradley missed in April - which conveniently allowed him to miss a three-game series in Chicago - created quite a stir, as Bradley had never missed a game due to injury in his big league career and had been gearing up to make a run at Cal Ripken's consecutive games played streak.

Prior to his deactivation, Bradley had gone 1-for-20 as the Mariners' cleanup hitter. That Bradley would be the Mariners' primary power acquisition of the offseason made a lot of sense, as the 32-year-old Bradley has twice clubbed over 14 home runs in a season and twice eclipsed the 56-RBI mark.

The Mariners are on a six-game losing streak and have scored the fewest runs in the American League.

Franchise History

The Beginning - The Seattle Mariners began play in 1977 as part of the two team expansion which also introduced the Toronto Blue Jays. The Mariners have enjoyed significantly less success than their expansion-mates, and have been to the playoffs only four times.

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Superstars - In 2001, despite losing future Hall of Famers Ken Griffey, Jr., Randy Johnson, and Alex Rodriguez in the preceding three years, the Mariners posted a surprising 116-46 record, tying the 1906 Chicago Cubs record for wins in a season.

Best Trade in Team History - In 1988, the Mariners acquired Jay Buhner from the Yankees for Ken Phelps.

In 1989, the Mariners acquired Randy Johnson along with Gene Harris, Brian Holman, and Mike Campbell from the Expos for Mark Langston

In 1996, the Mariners acquired Jamie Moyer from the Red Sox for Darren Bragg

In 1998, the Mariners acquired Freddy Garcia, Carlos Guillen, and John Halama from the Astros for Randy Johnson

In 2000, the Mariners acquired Mike Cameron, Brett Tomko, Antonio Perez, and Jake Meyer from the Reds for Ken Griffey, Jr.

Worst Trade in Team History - In 1997, the Mariners sent Derek Lowe and Jason Varitek to the Boston Red Sox in exchange for Heathcliff Slocumb. Lowe experienced much success with the Red Sox, and Varitek is a Red Sox icon, while Slocumb lasted a season and a half with the Mariners and was unimpressive. Links for the Seattle Mariners

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Seattle Mariners Archive

All Time Team
Best Overall Player
Best Overall Pitcher
Worst Overall Player
Worst Overall Pitcher
Most Overrated Player
Most Underrated Player
Best Player Name
First Base
Second Base
Third Base
Left Field
Center Field
Right Field
Designated Hitter
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Starting Pitcher
Relief Pitcher
Relief Pitcher
Lou Pinella
Ken Griffey, Jr.
Randy Johnson
Dave Valle
Mike Moore
Bret Boone
Edgar Martinez
Dan Wilson
Alvin Davis
Harold Reynolds
Jim Presley
Alex Rodriguez
Bret Boone
Jay Buhner
Ken Griffey, Jr.
Ichiro Suzuki
Edgar Martinez
Randy Johnson
Jamie Moyer
Mark Langston
Freddy Garcia
Erik Hanson
Kazuhiro Sasaki
Mike Schooler
Dave Niehaus: Voice of the Mariners
"It's Grand Salami time!"

All Time Leaders
Home Runs
Runs Batted In
Stolen Bases
Total Bases
Batting Average
On-Base Percentage
Slugging Percentage
Games Pitched
Innings Pitched
Bases on Balls
2055 - Edgar Martinez
7213 - Edgar Martinez
1219 - Edgar Martinez
2247 - Edgar Martinez
514 - Edgar Martinez
48 - Harold Reynolds
398 - Ken Griffey, Jr.
1261 - Edgar Martinez
290 - Julio Cruz
3718 - Edgar Martinez
.332 - Ichiro Suzuki
.418 - Edgar Martinez

.933 - Edgar Martinez
383 - Jeff Nelson
1933.0 - Jamie Moyer
205 - Jamie Moyer
96 - Mike Moore
2162 - Randy Johnson
884 - Randy Johnson
3.42 - Randy Johnson
19 - Randy Johnson
129 - Kazuhiro Sasaki
Single Season Leaders



704 - Ichiro Suzuki, 2004
141 - Alex Rodriguez, 1996
262 - Ichiro Suzuki, 2004
54 - Alex Rodriguez, 1996
11 - Harold Reynolds, 1988
56 - Ken Griffey, Jr., 1997
56 - Ken Griffey, Jr., 1998
147 - Ken Griffey, Jr., 1997
60 - Harold Reynolds, 1987
393 - Ken Griffey, Jr., 1997
.372 - Ichiro Suzuki, 2004
.479 - Edgar Martinez, 1995
.674 - Ken Griffey, Jr., 1994
1.107 - Edgar Martinez, 1995
78 - Ed Van de Berg, 1982
272 - Mark Langston, 1987
21 - Jamie Moyer, 2003
19 - Matt Young, 1985
19 - Mike Moore, 1987
308 - Randy Johnson, 1993
152 - Randy Johnson, 1991
2.28 - Randy Johnson, 1997
4 - Dave Fleming, 1992
4 - Randy Johnson, 1994
45 - Kazuhiro Sasaki, 2001
Hall of Fame

*BaseballEvolution Hall of Famer
Bold players are in both Halls
Award Winners
Most Valuable Player
Ken Griffey, Jr. - 1997
Ichiro Suzuki - 2001

Cy Young
Randy Johnson - 1995

Rookie of the Year
Alvin Davis - 1984
Kazuhiro Sazaki - 2000
Ichiro Suzuki - 2001

Fireman of the Year
J.J. Putz - 2007

Dave Kingman
Steve Balboni - 1988
Russ Davis - 1999

Alex Gonzalez of the Marlins
Club Members
Triple Crown Hitters

Triple Crown Pitchers

3-4-5 Club
Edgar Martinez 312/418/515

100-Plus Club
Edgar Martinez (37/145) 2000
Bret Boone (37/141) 2001

500 Outs Club
Alex Rodriguez - 1998
Chone Figgins - 2010

50 Home Run Club
56 - Ken Griffey, Jr., 1997
56 - Ken Griffey, Jr., 1998

30-30 Club
Alex Rodriguez (42/46) 1998