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The Tampa Bay Rays
Founded - 1998
Stadium - Tropicana Field since 1998 (St. Petersburg, Florida)
Best Team Record - 97-65 (.599) 2008; 1st Place, AL East
Worst Team Record - 55-106 (.342) 2002; 5th Place, AL East
World Series Winners - none
Division Winners - 2008
Wild Card Winners - none

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Tampa Bay Rays Team Capsule
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07/26/2010: First No-Hitter in Rays History - After being no-hit three times in 12 months, the Tampa Bay Rays were in danger of being held hitless yet again Monday night as the resurgent Max Scherzer took a no-hitter into the sixth against them. Matt Joyce broke up that no-no with a grand slam after Scherzer had walked the bases loaded, and the no-hit bid that Rays starter Matt Garza had going lasted all nine innings.

This was the fifth no-hitter of 2010 (or sixth if you count the Armando Galarraga game) and the second time this year that a franchise authored its first ever no-hitter. The record for most no-hitters in a season came in 1991, when seven were tossed, but only six went for the full nine innings.

Franchise History

In the Beginning - The Tampa Bay Devil Rays joined the American League East as the AL counterpart to the NL's Arizona Diamondbacks. Unlike the D'Backs, who have experienced immediate success, the D'Rays have been annual cellar dwellers, having suffered by being in the same division as the mighty New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

A Throwback, But to What Era? - In an era in which teams are turning back the clock with old school stadiums, the D'Rays play in Tropicana Field, which is a brilliant homage to the cookie cutter stadiums of the 1960s and 1970s. It has all the charm of the Kingdome and all the character of Riverfront Stadium.

Expel the Devil! - In November of 2007, principal owner Stuart Sternberg dropped the "Devil" from the team nickname, and they are now known only as the "Rays." Ostensibly, this was done to make the team more Disney-friendly, but the name change also co-incided with a World Series appearance for a franchise that had only once finished better than 5th place and never finished with more than 70 wins.

Best Trade in Team History - Late in 2004, the D'Rays shipped overrated walk machine Victor Zambrano to the Mets along with with Bartolome Fortunato in exchange for hotshot youngster Scott Kazmir and Jose Diaz.

Worst Trade in Team History - In 2002, the Devil Rays sent Randy Winn to the Seattle Mariners for Antonio Perez. Links for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays
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Tampa Bay Devil Rays Archive
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Worst Overall Player
Worst Overall Pitcher
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Designated Hitter
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Relief Pitcher
Lou Pinella
Carl Crawford
Scott Kazmir
Damian Rolls
Doug Waechter
Rocco Baldelli
Julio Lugo
Rocco Baldelli
Toby Hall
Carlos Pena
Jorge Cantu
Aubrey Huff
Julio Lugo
B.J. Upton
Carl Crawford
Randy Winn
Jose Canseco
Bubba Trammell
Scott Kazmir
James Shields
Victor Zambrano
Rolando Arroyo
Paul Wilson
Roberto Hernandez
Danys Baez
All Time Leaders
Home Runs
Runs Batted In
Stolen Bases
Total Bases
Batting Average
Games Pitched
Innings Pitched
Bases on Balls

799 - Aubrey Huff
3028 - Aubrey Huff
400 - Aubrey Huff
870 - Aubrey Huff
172 - Aubrey Huff
65 - Carl Crawford
128 - Aubrey Huff
449 - Aubrey Huff
227 - Carl Crawford
1444 - Aubrey Huff
.291 - Fred McGriff
266 - Esteban Yan
495.1 - Bryan Rekar
35 - Victor Zambrano
37 - Bryan Rekar
37 - Ryan Rupe
378 -Scott Kazmir
288 - Victor Zambrano
3.73 - Scott Kazmir
2 - Rolando Arroyo
2 - Joe Kennedy
2 - Albie Lopez
2 - Bobby Witt
101 - Roberto Hernandez
Single Season Leaders



644 - Carl Crawford, 2005
104 - Carl Crawford, 2004
198 - Aubrey Huff, 2003
47 - Aubrey Huff, 2003
19 - Carl Crawford, 2004
34 - Jose Canseco, 1999
34 - Aubrey Huff, 2003
107 - Aubrey Huff, 2003
59 - Carl Crawford, 2004
353 - Aubrey Huff, 2003
.313 - Aubrey Huff, 2002
.405 - Fred McGriff, 1999
.563 - Jose Canseco, 1999
.957 - Fred McGriff, 1999
75 -Shawn Camp, 2006
224 - Tanyon Sturtze, 2002
14 - Rolando Arroyo, 1998
15 - Tony Saunders, 1998
15 - Bobby Witt, 1999
15 - Mark Hendrickson, 2004
174 - Scott Kazmir, 2005
111 - Tony Saunders, 1998
3.56 - Rolando Arroyo, 1998
2 - Rolando Arroyo, 1998
2 - Bobby Witt, 1999
43 - Roberto Hernandez, 1999
Hall of Fame

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Award Winners
Most Valuable Player

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Rookie of the Year
Evan Longoria - 2008

Fireman of the Year

Dave Kingman

Alex Gonzalez of the Marlins
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