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Tony Aubry serves as the New York correspondent for, where he reports on all things Yankees and Mets. He hails from Queens and lives only minutes away from where Whitey Ford lived when he pitched for the Yankees An immense Yankees fan, Tony cried when Aaron Boone hit his shot in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS. He has been writing for since 2006.

Tony Aubry Archive

Baseball Meets Psychology
Why are fans so aggressive towards ‘cheaters?’

'78: The Boston Red Sox, a Historic Game, and a Divided City
A brief review of Bill Reynolds' book .

The Yankee Years
Tony reviews Joe Torre and Tom Verducci's incendiary book.

Hall of Blunder
The Hall of Fame gets it wrong again, particularly with regards to Tim Raines and Jim Rice.

Pat The Bat To Tampa Bay
The Rays added a mighty stick at a bargain of a price.

Grady Sizemore’s Bright Future
Sizing up Grady Sizemore

The Winter Meetings: A Bronx (and Queens) Tale
Both the Mets and the Yankees bolstered their pitching during the winter meetings. Which team came out on top?

A Final Goodbye to Yankee Stadium
It took the closure of The House That Ruth Built for Tony to enjoy something Yankee-related in 2008.

Picking All-Stars for Yankee Stadium
In an uncharacteristically bold display of his New York bias, Tony goes Yankee-heavy and Red Soxless in selecting his All-Star starters.

The Hamilton/Volquez Trade
Analyzing the unexpectedly blockbuster offseason deal between the Rangers and the Reds.

2008 Red Sox Preview
Even a rabid Yankee fan must admit that Boston is the team to beat in the AL East.

2008 Yankees Preview
Three young pitchers will dictate how the 2008 season fares in the Bronx.

The Fabulous 50's
Tony chronicles a decade that occupies a large chamber in any New Yorker's heart. But were the 1950s all that they are cracked up to be?

The Idiot Strikes Back
Tony doesn't take too kindly to Asher's continual disrespect of the Yankees.

A Year to Remember
Several notable milestones have alreasy been reached in 2007, and more are on the way.

Defying Logic
Chien-Ming Wang: Very lucky, or unique in basebal history?

No Joshing Around
Josh Hamilton is the feel good story of the year.

Hot Rod
What in the heck has gotten into Alex Rodriguez?

BALCO Didn't Invent Cheating
Cheating is as old as baseball itself, and if you hold it against today's stars, you must also hold it against yesterday's greats.

Diasuke Matsuzaka Scouting Report
Tony had the first real look at the Asian Sensation.

Good Riddance to Yankee Stadium
Aura? Check. Mystique? Check. Everything else...

What I've Learned from Baseball Evolution
Tony fondly remembers his first encounter with

2007 Hall of Fame Roundup
Tony analyzes four of the players who didn't quite make the cut in Cooperstown's 2007 Hall of Fame voting.

Hardball Times 2007 Review
Tony got his copy of the new Annual for Christmas, and suggests that you get one yourself ASAP.

Pettitte is Back
Tony welcomes Andy Pettitte back with open arms.

The Class of '39
If you think that this year's rookie class was something, take a gander at the young talent from 67 years earlier.

AL MVP Analysis
Tony tells us who he thinks deserved the award. Hint: It's Derek Jeter.

Sheffield Traded
For once, the Yankees appear to be trading proven talent and getting younger.

Playoff Pansies
Yankee fans have every right to be frustrated with their team's lack of postseason success, says Tony.

2006 ALDS Preview: Tigers vs. Yankees
The Tigers just got swept by the Royals, so guess what's going to happen when they face the Yankees?

2006 Red Sox Review
Tony savors reviewing Boston's 2006 season, and speculates towards 2007.

Frank the Tank
Are you considering Frank Thomas for AL MVP? You should be.

Lofton not a Hall of Famer
There's no doubt that Kenny Lofton is a terrific player, but he doesn't belong in Cooperstown in Tony's estimation. One Billion Teams, One Spot; Who Wins?
Who will win the NL Wild Card? No one from the NL West, predicts Tony.

R.I.P. Red Sox
The Red Sox are officially dead now, and Tony likes to beat a dead horse.

Top 5 Reasons Why the Yankees Will Win the Division
There's no way that the Red Sox can compete with the revamped Yankees, writes Tony.

The Yankee Chronicles
Tony provides weekly coverage of his favorite team.

Top 10 Reactions to Rich's List
There are a lot of rankings on Richard's Top 100 List that Tony takes issue with.

State of the Empire Address
The Yankees got three key players just before the deadline, and they look better than ever.

Tamin' the Tigers
Tony takes a closer look at the Tigers, and wonders whether they are as dominant as they appear.

All Star Picks: The Hitters
Tony uses some Baseball Prospectus metrics to help him determine who the best positon players are.

What About Smilin' Stan?
Two longtime Cubs third basemen, zero Hall of Fame consideration. Since no one else is paying any attention to these greats, Tony compares them.

Enough Is Enough
It's time for New York fans to stop their incessant taunting of one of the game's best players.

Mr. 2000
Everything that Derek Jeter does is so overglorified, and New York media is responsible.

Wristful Thinking
The Yankees are without a doubt in some serious trouble, as both of their corner outfielders are suffering from wrist injuries.

Asher, What Were You Thinking?
Tony disagrees with Asher's assessment of Barry Bonds

Not So Amazin'
Tony Starts to Second Guess His Mets Prediction.

Tony's 2006 Season Predictions
See where Tony picks everyone to finish, and so on.

Who Was The Greatest Hitter of All Time?
It's Williams versus Ruth in an extensive statistical comparison.

New York Yankees Preview
See what Tony Aubry thinks is in store for the New York Yankees in 2006.

Joe DiMaggio Not So Overrated
Tony takes issue with for calling Joe DiMaggio the most overrated Yankee of all time on the New York Yankees Team Page.

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Tony lives in Queens, NY, and can be reached at

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