Unveils 2009 Top 200 Lists

Our most recent Top 200 list was supposed to be unveiled in July of 2007. Perhaps it is a testament to what a task ranking the top 200 players of all time can be that it took over two years beyond the purported release date to bring you this list. And even with over two years of extra time, there are still guys on the list we aren't happy with.


So, here they finally are - the Top 200 Lists of 2007, er, 2009. Open up, devour, digest, and enjoy.

Keith's 2009 Top 200 | Composite Top 200 | Asher's 2009 Top 200

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2004 Top 1000 Lists

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2004 Top 100 Composite


Replacement Level
What does Replacement Level mean?

Ranking Relievers
Surely, Trevor Hoffman is the third best closer ever.

Active Players
Keith tries to rank some current players and guess where some younger ones might rank.

Keith's Quiz
Keith tests your knowledge of some obscure stats on the all time greats.

Asher Gabs about the Greats
Asher comments not only on the more interesting players among his top 200, but also on why several players didn't make his list.

Keith justifies his list
Find out what makes Keith, the most SABRmetric staff member, rank the players where he ranks them.

Tony takes another look
Tony is not entirely happy with his initial Top 100 List. See his modifications.

Bill James
There is no one in the game today we enjoy disagreeing with more than Mr. James. It is done out of reverence and respect, because usually we find him insightful and ground breaking. But sometimes . . . . yikes!

Total Baseball
The list by Total Baseball, compiled 100% objectively based on stats, no extra credit is given to any player, obviously draws some fire.

Dominant Dennis Eckersley
It's difficult to rate his career holistically, so let's just look at his time as a closer.

Tony on Richard
Tony finds at least ten disputable rankings within Richard's list.

Singleton vs. Rice
Asher, meanwhile, praises Keith for deftly leaving Jim Rice off of his list. Keith responds.

Cy Young and The Clarke Conspiracy
How do we handle players who have straddled the year 1900? Inconsistently, to say the least.

Lefty Grove vs. Grover Alexander
A side by side look at two of the greatest pitchers.

Willie Mays & Whitey Ford - the Korean War
Keith gives the low-down on the two biggest stars to serve in the Korean War.

Flukies Babe Herman and Bob Gibson
Bob Gibson and Babe Herman each had career years in the greatest anamoly seasons in Major League history. How has this distorted our opinions of them?

Rollie's Follies: Ranking the relievers
Catchy name and handle bar moustache? You're in!

Sandy Koufax: What Could Have Been
Think Sandy Koufax is the best pitcher of all time because of four seasons of stellar play?

Tony Aubry - The Greatest Hitter of All Time.
The answer to the question "Who is the greatest hitter of all time?" is simple, right?

Audio Commentary

Keith sat down with Elliott "Mr. Stats" Kalb to discuss the Top 100 list he published in Who's Better, Who's Best in Baseball? In the interview, Elliott discusses his methodology and defends some of his more controversial picks.

  • The Book
  • The List
  • Asher's Top Ten Reactions
  • Asher/Kalb Dialogue
  • The Full Audio Interview

  • Selected Audio:
    Boggs and Bagwell | Christy Matthewson
    Relievers | Jeter | Rose
    "Second Bananas" | Bonds vs. Ruth
    Questions or Comments for Elliott?

    Top 100 List Criteria

    Total Baseball ranks the players based solely on the major league statistics available for each player.

    Bill James' list is inclusive of all players, including pre-1900 and Negro Leaguers.

    Baseball Evolution's lists only include players with significant major league statistics after the year 1900 (when home plate attained its current shape and size). We do give credit to those players who had statistics prior to 1900, as well as those who missed time due to war or segregation, but we are cautious when assigning value to those periods.

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