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Baseball Evolution Hall of Fame Class of 2007 !
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So, what do you do when Ron Santo and Bert Blyleven and Stan Hack continue to be denied entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame while Don Sutton and Rabbit Maranville and Pie Traynor continue to smile and wave from the inside looking out?

Some people cry and rant and rave.

Some ignore the Hall of Fame altogether and consider it worthless beyond all redemption.

Some blindly follow the dictates of the system, feeling confident that the voters must always be right.

We here at chose the none of the above option, and instead went out on our own we started our own Hall of Fame.

To be sure, in our first year we righted what we considered to be the most obvious wrongs Blyleven, Santo, and Hack all made it in while Sutton, Maranville, and Traynor are all now on the outside looking in. Our first year also saw the entrance of non-Cooperstown enshrinees Reggie Smith, Bob Johnson, Bobby Bonds, and Gavy Cravath, amongst others. Indeed, we have not feared departing from the conventional wisdom displayed by our Cooperstown counterpart on the contrary, it has been our raison d'etre.

It is appropriate, then, that in the second annual Hall of Fame induction, one very controversial player who was denied entrance into Cooperstown in his first year of eligibility in 2007 will be ushered in to our Hall with open arms. Mark McGwire wasn't just elected into the Hall of Fame he was elected unanimously and with no apologies. McGwire got six our of six possible votes from Keith Scott and Asher, a solid indication that we consider his numbers Hall worthy regardless of whether he used performance enhancing drugs. He may have he was still one the extraordinary players of our time and of Baseball History.

Cooperstown's 2007 selections were also automatic for the gang, and barely merit a mention Cal Ripken, Jr., and Tony Gwynn will be taking their place along side McGwire in our Hall.

2007 was truly the Year of the Infielder for the gang Cooperstown enshrinees Bill Mazeroski, Bid McPhee, Ozzie Smith, and Joe Tinker will join Cal Ripken, Jr. in the Hall of Fame, along with Cooperstown rejects Sal Bando, Bob Elliott, and Deacon White. Indeed, the Hall of Fame is proving to be the anti-Cooperstown in at least one respect they shun the third basemen, while we heap praise upon them.

Joining Cooperstown rejects McGwire, Bando, Elliott, and White in the Hall of Fame will be Lee Smith and his 802 career games finished, 478 career saves, seven all-star games, four times leading the league in saves, and 3.03 ERA (132 ERA+). Bruce Sutter still awaits the call.

Several players just missed the call to the Hall, garnering only four votes out of a possible six, with a minimum of five needed for induction. Most notably, Davey Johnson, Hack Wilson, Robin Roberts, Stan Coveleski, and Tony Lazzeri all received votes of 2 from two voters, but a vote of 0 from a third to barely miss the Hall. Better luck next year guys!

As with so many things, we sadly say goodbye to several players who did not garner the three or more votes required to remain on the ballot for next season. Featured among them were Jim Rice, whose march into Cooperstown is all but inevitable at this point; Jose Canseco, whose outing of former teammates did not hurt him nearly as much as his career stats did; Don Sutton, Early Wynn, and Pud Galvin for whom Keith's mantra of "no automatic inductions" rang true as a bell; and Enos Slaughter, whose overrated post-season heroics pulled no wool over the eyes of our voters.

All in all, the staff is pleased with the results. There will almost surely be complaints and questions, but that is inevitable. At least Stan Hack, Bert Blyleven, and Ron Santo will be there to answer those questions and complaints with us.

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