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'The baseball players come and go, but the game goes on forever. The players, the writers, the broadcasters, no matter how great, are temporary actors on the stage. It's the game, it's baseball, that moves ahead, reaching new heights all the time, generation after generation.'
- from Harry Caray's Cooperstown induction speech

Listen to the full audio of Harry's remarkable speech on his tribute CD.

'An examination of baseball's evolution through the century . . . because baseball is a work in progress.'
- from George F. Will's introduction in Bunts
'Baseball wasn't created; it evolved gradually from several different games.'
- from Cooperstown: Baseball's Hall of Famers


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Asher B. Chancey, Managing Editor/Co-Founder

A New Orleans native turned Philadelphia local, Asher is a lifelong devotee of the Cubs and Saints as well as a part-time Phillies phan, and has known suffering. Asher first met Scott at Tulane in 1997, he couldn't stand him, and the two became fast friends. One of a slew of New Orleans-native Cubs fans, Asher is an Andre Dawson fanatic who once drove to Chicago with his wife and brothers to hear Andre sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame in Wrigley Field, gets teary-eyed when asked to recall seeing Andre hit a home run in person in the Astrodome, and failed in his attempt to name his daughter Hawk Chancey.

Email Asher at

Keith Glab, Associate Editor/Co-Founder

In addition to his duties, Keith is also the publisher for Keith graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2001, attending classes mere yards from where Bill Mazeroski's home run cleared the fence to win the 1960 World Series. Keith adores Rickey Henderson, Ubaldo Jimenez, and the 1998 Chicago Cubs. Matt Mieske Forever!

Email Keith at

Scott Glab, Senior Analyst/Co-Founder

Also a native of Chicago, Scott is Keith's older brother. Yes, he really exists. Scott moved to New Orleans in 1995 to attend Tulane University and has been there ever since except for the brief period after Hurricane Katrina. Scott is also a lifelong Cubs devotee and thinks Gabby Hartnett is the greatest thing since stitched baseballs. Clad with hair, he bears a striking resemblance to LaMarr Hoyt, though Keith thinks his bellybutton mimics Kevin Mitchell's.

Email Scott at

Staff Writers

Tony Aubry
Tony is a know-it-all kid from Queens, New York and staff writer for He resides only minutes away from where Whitey Ford once lived, and went to the same high school that Dodger pitcher Billy Loes went to, which is in the same town that Phil Rizzuto went to school in. Tony is an immense Yankee fan, and was brought to tears when Aaron Boone hit his shot in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS. Tony first contacted Asher when he saw that Joe-D was considered "over-rated" by the guys at, and he's been contributing ever since.

Email Tony at

Richard Van Zandt
Born and raised in the Bay Area, 35 miles south of San Francisco, Richard’s passionate, lifelong love affair with the game of baseball in general, and the Giants specifically, began officially on April 21, 1978 ( is really cool!) when he went to his first big league game and saw his hero Willie McCovey take on Tom Seaver and the Big Red Machine out at the ‘Stick. He and his wife Carla have been happily married since 2003, and in March of ’07 they welcomed twin future Hall of Famers Brendan and Jeremy to the world. Along with watching them grow up to be great people, his greatest desire in life is to see his beloved Giants win at least one World Series before he dies (due to concerns of rampant and extreme bitterness, the entire 2002 season is a forbidden topic in his home). When he finds time for anything outside of baseball and babies, he enjoys music, astronomy and his cat Kali.

Richard can be reached at

Eric W. Freeman Jr.

As a New Orleans native, Eric W. Freeman Jr. calls them out where he sees them. As a die hard Chicago Cubs fan, he has become intimately acquainted with the phrase, 'Maybe next year.' In addition to contributing to Baseball Evolution, Eric writes an opinion column for Louisiana State University's The Daily Reveille, but is looking forward to covering baseball with the tenacity of a mob of meerkats.

Eric can be reached at

Gregory Pratt
Gregory Pratt is a political science student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He covers current events for his blog, Office of the Independent Blogger, and is a copy editor as well as an opinion writer for the Chicago Flame newspaper. His great recreational interest is independent, self-inspired learning about literature, poetry, history, government, and baseball.

He loves dialogue, too, and can be reached at

Questions? Concerns? Comments? We can be reached at

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