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Dave Kingman

2005 Winner
2004 Winner
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Alex Gonzalez of the Marlins

2005 Winners

2005 Award Room Coverage

Most Valuable Player

Boneheaded AL MVP Griping

Keith breaks down the erroneous arguments of not one but two MVP analysts.

Unconventional AL MVP Picks
Asher breaks it down with six deserving players you probably had not thought of for American League MVP.

Bored with the obvious outcome of the NL MVP race, Asher ponders instead which of several deserving candidates was the Least Valuable Player in the league this season.

Cy Young

Irony of Bartolo Colon
Asher discusses an ironic Cy Young Award winner in the Angels' Bartolo Colon.

Poor Cy Young Picks
Scott gives his breakdown of the ten worst Cy Young Picks ever.

Rookie of the Year

Previous Coverage
2004 AL ROY Pick
2004 NL ROY Pick
Top 10 Classes
Top 10 Busts

Managers of the Year

Keith's Take on the Managers
Keith gives his breakdown on Ozzie "The Great Communicator" and Bobby "My Player Development is Great but My In Game Strategy is Laughable" Cox

Bad Players Make Good Managers
Asher finds a new way to disparage Joe Torre.

Gold Gloves - AL - NL

Keith's Breakdown
Keith provides solid, skeptical analysis of this year's Gold Glove winners.

Asher's Breakdown
Asher vents his frustrations with the Gold Glove system generally, as he is less forgiving of some of the winners this year than Keith was in his analysis, particularly with respect to the system of bunching all outfielders together for the purposes of voting.

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