The Zack Greinke/Miguel Olivo Divorce is something we are going to be watching all season. Last season, when Greinke won his Cy Young Award and dominated the American League on an abysmal Kansas City Royals team, Olivo was his primary catcher (I am not sure anyone else caught any of his games). What’s more, Olivo became one of the incredibly small number of recent Royals to hit 20 homeruns in a season in the last ten years, with 23 in 114 games. Yet, somehow the Royals didn’t bring him back for 2010.

Through the first three series of the 2010 season, Zack Greinke is now 0-1 with six earned runs allowed in 12.2 innings (3.55 ERA). His strikeout to walk ratio is astounding – 9:1 – but he has also allowed 14 hits and two homeruns. Meanwhile, Olivo has played in just five games (ironically, his strikeout to walk ratio is also 9:1), but he has thrown out four of five would-be basestealers and the Rockies have allowed 13 earned runs in 45 innings (2.60 ERA) that he has caught. Oh, and four of his five games have been in Coors Field.