Letter to the Colorado Rockies

by Gregory Pratt, Special to BaseballEvolution.com
October 25, 2007

Dear Colorado Rockies,

I love your city and your state and your fans ("bang-bang bang-bang-bang bang-bang-bang-bang TULO"). I have recently taken to spreading the word about your great team on my college campus with chalk. Some take their free speech and write out instructions for meetings, for protest, for political purpose.  I draw the Rocky Mountains, and write "COLORADO ROCKIES" over them in the middle of the Quad where everyone can see the purple mountain's majesty. So, yes, I'm a fan, and I believe in you. You've got heart, defense and talent. What's not to believe in? Especially not when we consider your opponents, who have

  • attempted to buy the World Series this year and every year the last few (don't they understand that we've got God on our side?)
  • the most obnoxious baseball player in the game -- BOTH OF THEM, even -- in Manny Ramirez and Curt Schilling
  • wife-beating Julio Lugo, whose big contract was a bust and whose bat is slower than Bengie Molina on the basepaths
  • the ugliest stances in all of baseball with Kevin Youkillis and Jason Varitek
  • the money-grubbing and mediocre J.D. Drew, who isn't even the best J.D. in New England (and his opponent has lived in exile for a quarter of a century)
  • Popeye the Sailor Managing them (does he pop spinach, or is he up with the times?)

And those are, I think, the facts before opinion! When we consider the arrogance of their fans, the oddsmakers, ESPN -- when we consider that George Mitchell is investigating steroids in baseball but serves as a "director" of a baseball team who is, incidentally, in the World Series this year -- it becomes easier to dislike Boston, as their arrogance even ranges into the front office of the game and makes an investigation into the tainted game of baseball, well, tainted.

On the other hand, I can't think of any reason not to like you, Colorado. I don't hold your ballpark against you -- I think it's beautiful and it has much charm (like Fenway). You're an underdog. You're good! I hate to say it, Colorado, but then again -- I've been right about the last three World Series winners, and I've just got a feeling of (for) you.

I love you.
You're perfect.
Now go out and shock the baseball world. But even if you lose, I'll always be proud of you.


Gregory R. Pratt

PS: Don't sign Boras clients who hit free agency.

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