Why, Oh Why?

by Barry Schechter, Special to BaseballEvolution.com

Posted May 11, 2009

Football's always been for jocks, muscle-bound galore
Baseball's always been 'bout skill, elegant and pure.
Hockey's guys are brutes, goons beyond belief.
Baseball's got some classy guys who come on in relief.
Basketball's a tall-guy sport, about fashion and the bling.
Baseball's got millions looking forward to the spring.

But now, dear baseball, I am having some doubts.
What's with the news that I'm hearing about?
Manny's now out and he shows no shame.
Rocket Clemens won't make the Hall of Fame.
A-Rod's confused, doesn't know what he did!
How can I teach this game to my own kid?

I'm hoping there are some still playing to win
without using drugs injected in the skin.
Every time I find a new favorite player,
I wish I could get a reliable soothsayer.
Someone to tell truths through hundreds of lies.
WE need to do something, not the government spies.

Throw 'em out! Test 'em more!
Please do something to even the score.
I'm tired of guessing who has natural skill
and tired of hearing about the new miracle pill.
With all that's been happening, with all that it's done,
Is Petey Rose still the only guilty one?

I still want to watch the world-class action,
when my team scores, to feel satisfaction.
I don't want to boycott. Does that make me a coward?
I'm hoping next is not Ryan Howard,
or Pujols, or Utley, or even Dave Wright.
Can raw, natural skill still put up a fight?

For now I will watch, but my patience is thin.
I'd better never hear anything about Cal Ripken.
So go on with the game, I will cheer it for now,
But I don't know how much more fans will allow.
Just stick to the rules, like Ruth, Mays, and Aaron.
Then maybe your bleachers won't seem so barren.

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