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Baseball Evolution Hall of Fame Commentary

January 6, 2011 - Brown for the Count - More than anything else, the 2011 Hall of Fame elections reiterated that how you enter the Hall of Fame is irrelevant. What matters is whether or not you do earn enshrinement. Bert Blyleven, who only garnered 14.1% of the vote in 1999, got elected in his 14th year of eligibility. Although Roberto Alomar did not get inducted in his first attempt, the 90% of the vote he elicited in his second go-round was the most of any non-first-ballot Hall of Famer and one of the highest marks of all-time.

Clearly, Hall of Fame voting is unpredictable, and just because you don't fare well in a given year doesn't mean you can't subsequently get in. Perhaps the biggest buzz generated by the 2011 elections was the lack of support for steroid-era sluggers Mark McGwire, Jeff Bagwell, Rafael Palmeiro, Juan Gonzalez, and Larry Walker. But what almost no one is talking about is the lack of support for steroid-era pitcher Kevin Brown, who fell off the ballot entirely with just 2.1% of the vote in his first year of eligibility.

Was Robin Robbed?
Keith defends his dissention regarding Robin Roberts.

2007 Summary
A quick overview of the important happenings with the 2007 vote.

No Automatic Elections
Career milestones are neat, but Keith warns against relying upon them too heavily.

Lobbying for Managers
Three skippers have fallen off the ballot; Keith mourns.

More on Lou Brock
Matt's Inflammatory Email
Richard Supports Brock
Keith: Brock's a Crock
Asher: Overrated, But Hallworthy

A Few of My Mistakes
Asher acknowledges some places where he voted astray.

Richie Ashburn
In retrospect, Asher is not completely sure why Richie Ashburn gets no respect.

Lou Brock vs. Max Carey
Lou Brock may have held the all-time steals record for a dozen years, but someone else was the game's best basestealer for the first 100 years of organized baseball.

Pre-World War I Pitcher Analysis
An era marked by lots of short-lived dominance and lots of fun nicknames proves that Smokey Joe Wood was just one of the crowd.

Asher Takes Some Off the Top
In response to Keith, Asher explains his feelings on a number of players, including:
Eppa Rixey
Toby Harrah
George Sisler and Sam Rice
Lou Brock and Cesar Cedeno
Darryl Strawberry and Eric Davis
Spud Chandler and Smokey Joe Wood.

Lamenting a Few We Lost
While the Baseball Evolution staff has another year to consider the remaining 79 players, Keith bemoans the likely absence of a handful of players on the 2007 ballot.

Crap of Cooperstown Poll
Who are the most overrated players in Cooperstown? Take the poll, then see the results.

Hall of Fame Snub Poll
Who is the biggest victim of voter ignorance? Take the poll, then see the results.

Matt Williams and Graig Nettles
With a lack of third basemen in the Hall, Asher looks at two and determines that there may be a reason for such a lack.

Catfish Hunter vs. Ron Guidry
One is in the Hall, while the other one isn't. The one without the nickname was actually better.

Albert Belle - 40 Votes Is Too Much?
Cons - a bit of a jerk; Pros - a hell of a player.

Getting Defensive About Cooperstown on Defense
Asher amends some of his statements.

In Cooperstown on Defense
Keith takes exceptions to some of Asher's statements with regard to some of the all time great defensive players.

Herman, Herman, Hack & Wilson
Asher explores some confusing players and the reasons that some of them are in the Hall and some are not.

Ten Questionable Hall of Famers
Gil Hodges may not belong in the Hall of Fame, but if he doesn't, these guys don't either.

Gil Hodges
Gil Hodges is one of the most popular Hall of Fame snubs in baseball history. As it turns out, not much of a snub.

A Side Order of Baines and Rice
Sam Rice is in the Hall of Fame. Harold Baines has no hope of getting into the Hall of Fame. But what's the difference?

The First Ever "Not A Bonehead Sportswriter of the Week"
40 current players that will make the Hall? No way. Actually, he makes good points.

Some inconsistent treatment of Players Who Have Reached Certain Milestones
Are certain milestones locked for entry into the Hall? If so, then why aren't these guys in?

A Place at the Table. But Which One?
How important are Rafael Palmeiro's career milestone's to his Hall of Fame potential?

One Fluke Over the Redbird's Nest
Keith explores inconsistencies in the treatments of Bob Gibson and Babe Herman.

Grove and Grover
Keith shows a side by side of two of baseball's all time great pitchers.

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