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October, 2009

So much for baseball being 90% pitching. The two best offenses in baseball will square off in the ALCS despite their middling pitching staffs. The four dominant American League starters each sat at home for the postseason, so the AL crown will go to the team with the best offense. Is that team the Angels or the Yankees?

The Minnesota twins defeated the Detroit Tigers 6-5 in 12 innings to become the AL Central champions Tuesday night. They also became the fifth home team to win a tiebreaker playoff out of six tiebreaker playoffs in the Wild Card era, justifying the rule change that altered home field determination from a coin flip to head-to-head record.

But the Twins aren't thinking as much about the coin flip that robbed them of a playoff berth in 2008 as much as they are considering how in the heck they are going to beat the heavily-favored New York Yankees in a best-of-five series. The Yankees won 16 more games and scored 98 more runs than the Twins have, despite having played in one fewer game. The Twins have momentum, but will that be enough to orchestrate an upset?

The Red Sox have faced the Angels in the American League Divisional series three times in the past five seasons, and their upcoming 2009 showdown will make it four times in six years. So far, Boston is 3-0 in those series and 9-1 in those games. Because of this, Angels fans are terrified and the Red Sox are heavily favored. Will history indeed repeat itself?