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Good Bye Post-Season, Hello Off-Season!
  Four in a Row, Take Two . . .
Now that the 100th Fall Classic is in the books, Major
League Baseball's off-season is ready to get into gear,
and that means retirements, trades, free agents, and the
countdown to baseball's return to D.C. But before any of
that can take place, the baseball world turns it's attention
to the hardware as the MVP, Cy Young and Rookie of the
Year debates re-ignite. In the first of a six part
post-season award series, Asher tells us why
Jason Bay
is a shoe-in for this year's National League Rookie of the
Year, and also why Bay won't be joining Asher's list of the
Top Ten All-Time Rookie of the Year busts.
  Barry Bonds led the National League in OPS for the fourth
straight year, becoming the first player to do that since, well,
himself, from 1990-1993. The only other players to accomplish
that feat even once in Major League history are Dan Brouthers,
Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Rogers Hornsby, and
Ted Williams.

For those Bonds vs. Ruth fans out there, Ruth did it six years in
a row, twice. Of course, there are only three times as many
players for Bonds to beat out as there were for Ruth to beat out.

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