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The newly published 2007 Bill James Handbook comes complete with career data for every 2006 major leaguer and Fielding Bible Defensive Awards.

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Insider coverage on Diamondbacks prospects and stars

Out of the Park Baseball 2007

OOTP Baseball 2007 is the next in the series of baseball management simulations from Sports Interactive, the sports management development specialists.


OOTP 2007 lets you do almost anything a real life general manager can do to guide a team to glory. Create your own fictional baseball universe. Use real-world historical teams and players. Replay the entire history of baseball. Compete with other human players in an online league. Import leagues from OOTP 2006, 6.5, or 6.12.

Set your lineups. Replace that aging veteran with a rookie from your minor leagues. Put your injured starter on the disabled list and scour the waiver wire for someone to fill that roster spot. Put that disgruntled star heading for free agency on the trade block, and see what shakes out. Send your scouts to comb the upcoming amateur draft pool, or get a closer look at that free agent pitcher from Japan.

But it does not end in the front office! OOTP 2007 lets you call every play from the dugout, you have total control over your team on the diamond. The most realistic baseball simulation engine on the market handles all the games of your virtual baseball world.

No baseball simulation on the planet offers you this much flexibility and this much fun. Ideal for historical, fictional, and online fans alike – no game does it better, or even comes close.

Out of the Park Baseball 2007, in our opinion, is the greatest baseball management simulation of all time. It’s your game, play it your way.

Core Features to OOTP 2007

  • Manage your own baseball franchise
  • A realistic and accurate simulation engine
  • Customizable financial system
  • Scouting and coaching staff at your disposal
  • Endless possibilities with historical and fictional leagues
  • Create or join an online league
  • Slick intuitive interface

Fan endorsements

“I absolutely love what you guys have done with the game, it’s very smooth and the interface is very easy to navigate.”

“The Facegen feature is fantastic - adds so much to fictional game play and is such a quality addition”

“2007 feels like OOTPB 6.5 in terms of ease of navigation through menus. There are some differences, but everything is smoothly implemented”

Download the Demo Now!

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