One Team Players Quiz
January 4, 2005

There are two new lists at Baseball Evolution - the One Team Players and the Have Glove Will Travel Team. As you look through the One Team Players, which for those who are barely paying attention is made up of players who only played for one team, you may be surprised to find some players conspicuously absent. You may be surprised to not see such players as Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Babe Ruth, whom you were sure played exclusively for the Braves, Giants, and Yankees, respectively.

In order to help you navigate those players who you may be wondering about, take the following quiz to test your knowledge of players who played most of their careers with one team, but either began or ended (or in one case, both) with teams other than those for which they are known.

Match the following players to the teams they played for at the end of their career:

Hank Aaron

Harmon Killebrew

Willie Mays

Duke Snider

Eddie Mathews

Babe Ruth

Ron Santo

Zack Wheat

Billy Williams

Dale Murphy

Boog Powell

Hank Greenberg

Sam Rice

Christy Mathewson

Cleveland Indians

Pittsburgh Pirates

Detroit Tigers

Colorado Rockies

Oakland Athletics

Philadelphia Athletics

Milwaukee Brewers

Cincinnati Reds

Chicago White Sox

Los Angeles Dodgers

Boston Braves

Kansas City Royals

San Francisco Giants

New York Mets

Match the following players to the teams they played for briefly at the beginning of their career:
Ryne Sandberg

Sam Crawford

Lou Brock

Trevor Hoffman

Jay Buhner

Babe Ruth

Norm Cash

David Ortiz

Honus Wagner

Ozzie Smith

Three Finger Brown

Louisville Colonels

Florida Marlins

Boston Braves

New York Yankees

St. Louis Cardinals

Minnesota Twins

San Diego Padres

Chicago White Sox

Philadelphia Phillies

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

One you are finished, check your answers here.