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July: Halfway Home
by Keith Glab,
July 1, 2008

The first of July is sort of the unofficial halfway mark of the baseball season. Three months are down, three left to go, and teams have hit the 81-game plateau. It also means that if a player or team hasn't gotten hot by now, he or it might struggle for the entire season.

Despite that fact, July is also a time of hope. If your team puts together a bit of a hot streak, and Jerry Reinsdorf isn't your owner, you might add a player or two before the fast-approaching deadline. If you're a team that's dead in the water, you have some juicy prospects and at least the requisite representation in the All-Star game to look forward to.

Because of these glimmers of hope, no new teams fall below the Line of Death this month. Any team can add a C.C. Sabathia and suddenly look real good. Except the Indians, of course, who would certainly settle for getting Travis Hafner and Victor Martinez back healthy and productive.

So whether you're a fan of one of the teams that figures to add a player this month or one that is looking to clean house, feel free to comment.


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