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The 2007 Bill James Handbook by Bill James with Baseball Info Solutions

Publisher: ACTA Sports November 2006
ISBN: 0879463112
448 Pages, Paperback
Retail Price: $21.95

OUR PRICE: $9.95 

This all-in-one stat book provides career statistics for every player who played in the majors in 2006, including minor league statistics for younger players. The Bill James Handbook also provides 2006 player splits, park factors, team stats, component ERA, team efficiency, player projections, injury projetions, and much more more. Baseball Info Solutions has supplied incredibly in-depth data for this book. 

NEW for 2007:

The top ten players at each position in the Fielding Bible's +/- system head up the defensive statistics, along with CERA and CS% for catchers.  James also revamped his Baserunning Analysis into a plus/minus system that takes into account six baserunning categories: How often they go from first to third, second to home, and first to home (on a 2B), baserunning outs, bases taken, and how often they score per time on base.  In a new Manufactured Runs Analysis, James shows which teams use small ball to score runs and which ones play station-to-station baseball. ________________________________________________________________________________

The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2007

Publisher: ACTA Sports November 2006
ISBN: 0879463120
320 Pages, Paperback
Retail Price: $19.95

OUR PRICE: $9.95

Although you could enjoy this book solely for it's enjoyable, well-written articles, The 2007 Hardball Times Baseball Annual has quickly become one of the most valued statistical references for anyone involved in baseball.

The History section contains articles on The Federal League, The Most Valuable Pitchers of All Time, The Best Outfield Arms of Our Time, and the most in-depth analysis of Tommy John Surgery ever compiled.

The Analysis section provides expanded and revamped coverage of batted ball types and their run values, a statistical method for predicting a breakout season, and a definitive look at team and player Win Probability Added.

Other statistics include Team Fielding Bible +/- rankings, pitches per at bat, defensive efficiency ratio, fielding independent pitching, win shares, batted ball statistics, and many more.

It also provides divisional reviews for 2006, the World Series review, team-by-team statistics, and the Hardball Times' trademark graphs. Peppered in among THT's usual witty and insightful contributers' articles are exclusive commentaries by  Rob Neyer, John Dewan, and other guest writers.

If you have an open mind and a love of statistics, this is the book for you.


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